Krys is the singer and lyricist of the symphonic experimental metal band, Spirit Descending, but she wasn’t headbanging to the heavy drums, distorted guitar and glorious keys. She is a classically trained singer, having participated in choirs and even belted pop and r&b songs.

Krys followed in the footsteps of her mother, who was also a performer (singer and dancer) back in the day. At age 8, she learned how to play piano but discovered that she mostly plays by ear. Krys joined the choir in the third grade and continued on to perform in local talent shows. It wasn’t until college that she took on the beast of plays and musical theater. Her father, a former percussionist, passed down her love for rhythm and beats as she is also learning how to play a cajon drum of her own.

Featured below are a few videos and soundbites that showcase range and versatility in the craft, and are pieces from choral roots to unleashed metal, and a few things in between.


Spirit Descending (Creatures of Habit Official Music Video)

Spirit Descending (Lucy’s Ashes, Acoustic Music Video)

Video from 2013, Spirit Descending in the Studio making Creatures of Habit EP

With College of the Sequoias Chamber Chorale, performing Mozart’s Coronation Mass in C Soloists: Krys Janae – Soprano, Darice Veira – Alto, Steven Smith – Tenor, Michael Kirksey – Bass

“Empty Sky (Dark Mix) ft. Amandolin Rostykus on the mix. Instrumental


Original work, “Through The Glass”, a short musical poem

Cover of “The Hanging Tree” ft. Amandolin Rostykus who put together all of the music for this ❤

Inspired by Horror gaming, Silent Hill. Written & Sung by Krys, mixed by Amandolin Rostykus

“Revolve” A jamloop of a drum beat and piano