All The King’s Men – Cover Reveal

Cover by Krys Janae, TakeCover Designs

Hi everyone!


What better way to kick off my convention weekend than to give you a glimpse into my new project? My newest work in progress that is next in the lineup for book releases is going to be called “All The King’s Men” a new series that is considered urban fantasy, as it is in a modern setting with fantastical elements, however…it will be my first venture into the realm of superheroes. But as you might have seen while I’ve been writing this, I’ve been using the tag #TheyreNotHeroes because… well, you’ll see.

Set in a fictional metropolis, Director Morgan Carlisle brings his most talented, yet stubborn field operative Danika back into the life she tried to walk away from a year ago after the devastation of an operation left her broken. She’s more of a lone wolf, but she’s drawn to the new recruit on their team as they try to save the city from someone who is trying to oust the Powered population.

I’d like to thank my dear friends Megan, Jenna, Sarah and Amanda for helping me build this concept as it has been loosely based on a separate project we work on together and that in itself is a fantastical beast… I just can’t thank you girls enough. ❤

This is going through it’s final phase of its first run before I do the first pass of edits and then it’s off to the editor! Writer’s work is never done, though…so after that, it’s onto the next project, which is finishing up the sequel for Falling Stars (titled Among the Stars) and Kassandra Drake Novel #2 which is currently untitled.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.

Krys xo



NaNoWriMo & Other News!

Hello all! Just checking in today with some updates!

#NaNoWriMo nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant-200

I am a so thrilled to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo! For those of you who are not aware of what it is, this is an event for writers, coming from different genres and writing experience from all over the world to cheer each other on as they journey into the battle of finishing a new book or a work in progress. The goal is to hit 50k words within the 30 days of November. I’m actually off to a pretty good start, hitting the 2k threshold since I’ve been picking at this new book I started writing. It was birthed from an idea of white noise … which I felt was a pretty fitting plot in development, considering it was just Halloween. Check out for more details!

The title is: “PARADIGM” and the lovely cover will be revealed very soon. It was made by my dear, sweet, designer pal Amy Queau, a designer and writer I look up to and admire so much!

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If I Should Wake – Release Day!

It’s release day!

AHH! What a journey. This book as changed so much over time, and I am so thrilled to see it come to life. If you haven’t pre-ordered it, don’t worry, there are plenty of copies to go around!!

Just a forewarning, there was a new edition update to the kindle version of the book that may not have gone through on the first run from launch. If you get an updated version, there are just some changes down the line and additional word the thank yous.

As I’ve been somewhat ill the last few months, there were a few things that we needed to fix and may have missed during the edits, but don’t worry, this should not hinder your reading experience.

We will be sending out for print within the week, and will let you folks know when it is ready for order!

Thank you, everyone, for being so supportive through this process. I hope you enjoy, or share with someone who may be interested in this one!


Krys xo & Christa C.

Summer Update 2016

Hey Everyone!

It has been a very long time, and I have been meaning to get a new update rolling for a while now. I have recently been in talks to develop a good system and schedule for vlogging or blogging here and on my channel, partnering with some folks at Players in Control, outside with some friends, or just some random happenings with my musical, Voice Over and writing ventures. This is going to be put into place very soon, as I’ve had time to sit down and work on a couple of projects while I’m focusing on school, since I’ve been out of work. Without getting into too much detail, I was taken out of work due to health concerns and it’s an ongoing thing right now. It limits me from a lot of travel, which is why I haven’t been up to going to many things like conventions and events. Well–that and finances which have taken a pretty big hit too.

Luckily that’s not where the work stops though, at least work on my creative side and stuff to catch up on like gaming. (The Unfinished Gamer’s adventures continue, heehee). My upcoming book, If I Should Wake, is slated for a fall release and you will definitely be seeing more on that in the coming weeks, as my dear friend and editor and I have been working pretty hard on developing things further for the series run: finalizing details, fleshing out character backgrounds, solidifying the continuity…(you know, the fun stuff). The cover reveal should take place in a few weeks too, I can’t wait to show you what Kris of C&K Creations has made for me not only with Wake but with the other titles I have lined up. I always have something in development too, with roughly 6 stories waiting to be finished beyond that.

Voice Over wise, it’s been a blast. Narrating for the MMA channel, being a series regular on Elrios Mages and seeing my name credited on the Star Trek: Fleet Ops website is pretty awesome. Small steps in the industry but steps taken nonetheless. I have had a few people approach me asking how I got roles like that and honestly it was a bit of research, gathering a few pieces of equipment, and listening to myself be silly for a few hours. Then it’s just fine tuning sound and doing take after take until I finally get it right. I have a couple other projects on that front, including a Sims Machinima, FINALLY getting to finish reads for my characters on The Elder Scrolls V: SKYWIND (revival project) which has been a very long time coming, but with work and equipment failures and program issues it has been hard to do a 200+ line read in an apartment with screaming children outside as well.

Musically, I am still coming off of the choir “high” after performing with the Chamber Chorale this past spring. We performed Mozart’s Coronation Mass in C and it was a blast getting to perform alongside some of my longtime choir buddies, conducted by one of the most humble and inspiring maestros I’ve ever met. The video of the full performance is up on my channel, and forgive the shakiness and lighting but the sound turned out pretty good. The band has been on a slight hiatus since our drummer got married this past June (congrats guys!) and we are going to reconvene shortly to talk about the future and what we want to do to get our music worldwide. Things like Patreon, GoFundMe, IndieGogo have been tossed around but we want to do this right and plan it and get it out there to everyone and write some new music along the way.

WELL that short and sweet update turned into a bit of an essay so I will leave it off here. As usual, looking forward to staying active here to keep it going, and thanks to anyone who has kept up and supported me so far. ❤



Seeing Stars!

This blog is long overdue, and I apologize for its delay to my friend Ellie Potts, who has been patient with me as a mentor and writing motivator.  Note that this blog is not gaming related or metal related but it is very dear to me, as it has to do with the book written by my dear friend. 🙂 So for those of you readers out there, enjoy.

Before the release of this book, I actually helped with a cover reveal for this novel, and shortly after that, I became a beta reader.  Little did I know what I was actually in for.

Seeing Stars is a novel about a young woman named Alisa who is going through some very troubling times.  After leaving her cheating husband and driving down to Los Angeles, she finds a new life in the city and is guided by her new found friends in fame: Dawn Blackmon, Ray Day and the ever dreamy Logan Rider.  Rider is one of the leads in a hit show called “Family Insurance” and in his downtime, managed to get a hold of one of Alisa’s books to adapt to film because he was so enthralled by her writing he wrote the script!

As the pages fly by (and believe me, you won’t even notice it, the story is that good), Seeing Stars gives an insight to the night and day life of an actor, and the trouble found when Alisa, a writer who is naive to this world, is thrown into this fast-paced, paparazzi filled, rumor driven world.

With multiple 5-Star reviews on Amazon (including mine), Seeing Stars has had great praise from readers.  For those of you interested in contemporary romance, this novel is a fantastic read.  I love books but I generally don’t find too much time to read.  This story, however, caught my attention as the characters (especially Alisa) were easy to relate to and believable.  I couldn’t put this book down, except as I got closer to the final pages, because I was sad that it was coming to an end. The situations they are put in and the resolutions of some of the more dramatic scenes are realistic and sometimes guttural, that it punches you right in the heart.

I highly recommend this book to any and all of my fellow readers, so feel free to check out a free sample or Buy Seeing Stars on!

Now for an exciting announcement: I am a writer, and have been working on a handful of projects left and right. Music, books, a concept for my band’s new album, and when I happened upon this story and its ending, I couldn’t help but find myself attached so much to the characters that I went to Ellie with some questions kinda like this:

“What happened to…”
“Where did this plotline end?”
“Did we ever see this happen?”

It’s not to say that I wasn’t satisfied with the ending, I was just so delighted by these characters and this star-studded life that I wanted to see a bit more.  After much pestering (haha), Ellie was gracious enough to grant me permission to continue the story of the Stars.  It is definitely in its early stages right now so bear with me. The story may continue. 🙂 Huge thanks again to Ellie for being so kind as to allow me to do so, and I hope it will do the story, that you have so beautifully created, some justice.

Much excitement on my end, believe me. So please, support my good friend and check out this wonderful book, Seeing Stars!

Thanks for Reading!


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