Creatures of Habit #Music

I haven’t talked much about music lately… it’s not that I’ve been uninspired, but I’ve been drained. I haven’t done much singing or voice over related stuff in quite some time, but I know that has to change.

I’m sharing with you once again the song CREATURES OF HABIT and the official music video by my band Spirit Descending. (Special thanks to Frank Lima for filming, Seante C. and Joseph C. for being behind the scenes, and of course my bandmates Amandolin, Erik and Elaine for sharing my musical visions for almost 8 years now…)

I confess that I haven’t translated much of the lyrics because they are related to some topics with a “controversial” foundation, like treatment of women, self-esteem and bullying, or the fact that love is love and we should reject hate. But I repost this now with the hope that you understand this relates to a lot of how I’ve been feeling. I wrote this at a time that I believed humankind was at its darkest, only to find that years later this song came back around to hit me with a second round of these exact same feelings…

Stay strong everyone. Much love. – K

Close your eyes, Can you see her standing there
Holding out a hand, void of blood and flesh
A Skeleton remaining
From the body that you knew
A soulless entity, forsaken, Lost
Beyond Decay

Such is life, History repeating
Inevitable extinction, endless veils of crimson
Such is life, His Story repeated
Creatures of Habit, Bad habits unbroken
Bad Habits unbroken

Open your eyes, I know you see him lying there
Hands crossed over his heart, torn from his chest
Return his body to the earth, for what
was harshly spoken
Shallow mortals deem themselves Gods
Bring judgment from their Hate

Such is life, History repeating
Inevitable extinction, endless veils of crimson
Such is life, His Story repeated
Creatures of Habit, Bad habits unbroken
Bad Habits unbroken

Such is Ignorance, Though there is no Bliss that you’ll find
One word or look can end the life that you walk by
Such is turning a Blind Eye, leaving your kindness aside
Creatures of Habit, Bad habits to be broken
Creatures of Habit
Will break the earth at last


© 2013 Spirit Descending, Krys Janae


Summer Update 2016

Hey Everyone!

It has been a very long time, and I have been meaning to get a new update rolling for a while now. I have recently been in talks to develop a good system and schedule for vlogging or blogging here and on my channel, partnering with some folks at Players in Control, outside with some friends, or just some random happenings with my musical, Voice Over and writing ventures. This is going to be put into place very soon, as I’ve had time to sit down and work on a couple of projects while I’m focusing on school, since I’ve been out of work. Without getting into too much detail, I was taken out of work due to health concerns and it’s an ongoing thing right now. It limits me from a lot of travel, which is why I haven’t been up to going to many things like conventions and events. Well–that and finances which have taken a pretty big hit too.

Luckily that’s not where the work stops though, at least work on my creative side and stuff to catch up on like gaming. (The Unfinished Gamer’s adventures continue, heehee). My upcoming book, If I Should Wake, is slated for a fall release and you will definitely be seeing more on that in the coming weeks, as my dear friend and editor and I have been working pretty hard on developing things further for the series run: finalizing details, fleshing out character backgrounds, solidifying the continuity…(you know, the fun stuff). The cover reveal should take place in a few weeks too, I can’t wait to show you what Kris of C&K Creations has made for me not only with Wake but with the other titles I have lined up. I always have something in development too, with roughly 6 stories waiting to be finished beyond that.

Voice Over wise, it’s been a blast. Narrating for the MMA channel, being a series regular on Elrios Mages and seeing my name credited on the Star Trek: Fleet Ops website is pretty awesome. Small steps in the industry but steps taken nonetheless. I have had a few people approach me asking how I got roles like that and honestly it was a bit of research, gathering a few pieces of equipment, and listening to myself be silly for a few hours. Then it’s just fine tuning sound and doing take after take until I finally get it right. I have a couple other projects on that front, including a Sims Machinima, FINALLY getting to finish reads for my characters on The Elder Scrolls V: SKYWIND (revival project) which has been a very long time coming, but with work and equipment failures and program issues it has been hard to do a 200+ line read in an apartment with screaming children outside as well.

Musically, I am still coming off of the choir “high” after performing with the Chamber Chorale this past spring. We performed Mozart’s Coronation Mass in C and it was a blast getting to perform alongside some of my longtime choir buddies, conducted by one of the most humble and inspiring maestros I’ve ever met. The video of the full performance is up on my channel, and forgive the shakiness and lighting but the sound turned out pretty good. The band has been on a slight hiatus since our drummer got married this past June (congrats guys!) and we are going to reconvene shortly to talk about the future and what we want to do to get our music worldwide. Things like Patreon, GoFundMe, IndieGogo have been tossed around but we want to do this right and plan it and get it out there to everyone and write some new music along the way.

WELL that short and sweet update turned into a bit of an essay so I will leave it off here. As usual, looking forward to staying active here to keep it going, and thanks to anyone who has kept up and supported me so far. ❤



Blast from the Choral Past

I was digging through one of my older YouTube accounts and stumbled upon the video of a performance from a lifetime ago. I had a lot of fun (and often time miss) singing with a choir, and this performance was one of the last ones I ever did under the direction of Jeff Seaward, who is a talented, passionate patron of the Arts. He taught me a lot, and always encouraged me to pursue my musical dreams, and I thank him for that. I just moved “La Traviata”, performed with Cristian Duran, over to my official channel for you all!

Thanks to my mom for filming this back in the day. 😉

I tried to clean up some of the video and audio, but even in 2008 the A/V tech wasn’t as great as it is today, especially with spotlights. I promise I’m not a ghost. :p


-Krys xo