Eight and a Half Years Later…

It’s October.

My birthday passed which was really nice this year, but being October means that a couple weeks after that, it’s my late grandfather’s birthday and I usually get pretty emotional around Halloween.

As I sit here in tears, I figure why not just write about it?

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Dark Matter.

They came, we saw, it conquered.


If you follow my twit-scapades @KrysJanae, you’ve probably seen an insurgence of posts and retweets and likes from my account regarding this show, which originally aired on SyFy. Joseph Mallozzi (@BaronDestructo) and producer Jay Firestone asked the fandom to write a letter to them on what the show mean to us, so I was inspired to share my thoughts on the cancelled show here on my blog.

Maybe some mild spoilers below, so continue if you dare? 😉

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Oh hey, didn’t see ya there!

Well well well…

It has been a long while! So, here’s your obligatory “I’m back” post.

Honestly, it’s been super busy here and I am truly sorry for not keeping up with this…so I suppose this is the part where I say I’m going to try and update as often as I can, and hope for the best?

Here’s what’s been happening…in a nutshell…

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Patreon is Live!

Hey everyone!

Just checking in to let you know that my PATREON page is live and running! UGH ANOTHER FUNDING CAMPAIGN…I know, it’s crazy right? They pop up everywhere, for artists like me who want to create stuff if not for a living but to have the means to enjoy doing what we do. I have personally been on a bit of a break from work this past year due to health reasons, and it gave me a chance to dive in and get stuff done on the creativity front. This campaign was developed to help out with my upcoming books like “All the King’s Men” and the sequel to “If I Should Wake” 🙂


SO. With that being said–there’s never an obligation to sign up for Patreon, I only ask that you pass it on, share it to the world, and to those who help out I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

NOTE: I recently changed the method of donations from “per month” to “per creation” so you don’t have to worry about having to deal with a monthly donation rolling out. Anything and everything is appreciated, and I also thank you for taking the time to check it all out!

Catch you real soon with some new blogs, updates and maybe some random stuff too. ❤

Much love!

Krys xo

Creatures of Habit #Music

I haven’t talked much about music lately… it’s not that I’ve been uninspired, but I’ve been drained. I haven’t done much singing or voice over related stuff in quite some time, but I know that has to change.

I’m sharing with you once again the song CREATURES OF HABIT and the official music video by my band Spirit Descending. (Special thanks to Frank Lima for filming, Seante C. and Joseph C. for being behind the scenes, and of course my bandmates Amandolin, Erik and Elaine for sharing my musical visions for almost 8 years now…)

I confess that I haven’t translated much of the lyrics because they are related to some topics with a “controversial” foundation, like treatment of women, self-esteem and bullying, or the fact that love is love and we should reject hate. But I repost this now with the hope that you understand this relates to a lot of how I’ve been feeling. I wrote this at a time that I believed humankind was at its darkest, only to find that years later this song came back around to hit me with a second round of these exact same feelings…

Stay strong everyone. Much love. – K

Close your eyes, Can you see her standing there
Holding out a hand, void of blood and flesh
A Skeleton remaining
From the body that you knew
A soulless entity, forsaken, Lost
Beyond Decay

Such is life, History repeating
Inevitable extinction, endless veils of crimson
Such is life, His Story repeated
Creatures of Habit, Bad habits unbroken
Bad Habits unbroken

Open your eyes, I know you see him lying there
Hands crossed over his heart, torn from his chest
Return his body to the earth, for what
was harshly spoken
Shallow mortals deem themselves Gods
Bring judgment from their Hate

Such is life, History repeating
Inevitable extinction, endless veils of crimson
Such is life, His Story repeated
Creatures of Habit, Bad habits unbroken
Bad Habits unbroken

Such is Ignorance, Though there is no Bliss that you’ll find
One word or look can end the life that you walk by
Such is turning a Blind Eye, leaving your kindness aside
Creatures of Habit, Bad habits to be broken
Creatures of Habit
Will break the earth at last


© 2013 Spirit Descending, Krys Janae

Sandra Bischoff #F3 Tour


~ About the Author ~

Sandra Bischoff lives in the historic town of Cornwall, NY with her extremely patient husband and teenage son, she affectionately calls the Demon. She is a Pharmacist by profession but found her true calling in a simple twist of fate. A friend approached her to write in a forum on a popular networking website. Over the next five years her passion had found its niche. She went on to compose a few poems and short stories which she would post on her homepage at the same networking site.

Her debut novel, Beyond the Sun was published April 2013 by Bayou Brew Publishing. She recently was named to Amazon’s best seller list in the Fantasy/Epic category. Sandra’s second book in this series entitled Beyond Time was released earlier this spring in time for the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans where she was a featured author at the Book Fair.

She has since left Bayou Brew Publishing to embark on the next chapter of her writing career, Independent Publishing. As of this time she has re-released both books in e-book and paperback formats. They can be found on Amazon.com.

Website ~ http://sandibischoff.webs.com/

Blog ~ http://sbischoff.wordpress.com/

Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSandiBischoff

Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/SandiBischoff

Goodreads ~ https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7031254

Google+ ~ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SandiBischoffAuthor/posts

YouTube ~ https://www.youtube.com/user/rsb6494

Beyond The Sun

Book one

Dark order of the dragon series

Amazon Link: http://a.co/7Yysdd6


Fifteen years ago Jared Bonatelli had it all. The youngest son of one of the founding families in the Conservatorship of The Dark Order he lived a life you only thought existed in novels and nightmares. After becoming engaged to his childhood sweetheart, he loses it all in one violent act. Since that night he has suffered reliving his fiancé’s murder repeatedly in his dreams. After an emergency meeting of the Conservatorship, Jared finds that the comfortable world he lives is beginning to crumble at his feet. Alexandra Toscano has been searching for the one assignment that could catapult her journalistic career. When her editor Gene O’Hanlon drops a manila folder in her lap, Alex is immediately skeptical. At first glance the information he hands her seems like a publicity piece that is till she comes across an article he wrote some fifteen years ago about Vampires murdering a young woman in Central Park. But that isn’t what intrigues her the most. It’s the photo of the woman’s fiancé that captures her eye, Jared Bonatelli. Now as Alex begins to dig deeper into Jared’s life she begins to question her own past. Could the answer she seeks be found in the glowing eyes of the one person she is sworn to expose? Or will they both find themselves torn apart by a world Beyond the Sun?

Beyond Time

Book Two

Dark Order of the Dragon Series Link: http://a.co/9jspoh8


Christian Lancelot Du Lac was never one to take a situation seriously. Growing up he had always been the comedic relief to Jared Bonatelli’s brooding nature. Now, just as The Dark Order welcomes Jared as its new Prince, Du Lac is informed that he must become a first in command the future King can truly rely on. When he repeatedly fails in his attempts to prove himself, Lance is thrown back in time to where his life began, Camelot. What he finds there is more than he could have bargained for.

Drawn to the forest surrounding Camelot, Lady Elizabeth Payne searches for something that seems just out of her reach. Tormented by a pair glowing eyes in the mist she steals away in the middle of the night to find their owner. Thieves, a wolf and the most infuriating savior she has ever met turn her simple world upside down. But it’s the attraction she feels to the newcomer that truly takes her by surprise. Learning that he is Christian Du Lac, the long lost son of the First Knight himself peaks her curiosity even more.

Now on the cusp of meeting her betrothed for the first time, Elizabeth’s heart has been claimed by another. But even a betrothal written in blood is no match for fate.

For Lance and Elizabeth, the odds are stacked against them. Their worlds are destined to remain forever apart. Can time heal all wounds or will the fates change their course and let the star crossed lovers find each other once again?

Drakkar ~ Beyond the Lie

Book three

Dark Order of the Dragon Series Link: http://a.co/3RGXE9T


Drakkar Dragoni, the only son of Princess Absinthe Dragoni, always believes what his mother tells him.

Humans are nothing more than cattle bred to nourish their kind, and her half brother,

Jared Bonatelli, stole a kingdom which is rightfully hers. Drakkar vows to right this wrong, even if it means Jared dies by his hand.

But what if none of it is true?

What if this his mother’s biggest lie yet?

Who can he turn to?

Who will help him escape the prison within his own home?

Tracy Millosovich #F3 Tour



About the Author

Tracy Millosovich lives and writes in Wisconsin with the love of her life, three cats, and a pile of signed books by her favorite authors. With her witty words, gentle hands, and wisdom, she weaves together a world of colorful hope bringing love into the darkest places. An advocate against domestic violence and online abuse, Tracy paves the way for everyone to live their lives free of violence.

Become friends with Tracy online where she joins forces with fellow authors, and readers against abuse, and bullying.
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Tracy’s Treasures Blog

Tracy’s Crystal Dreamers Book Group of never ending wine and fun!!

Nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards and a finalist in the Best of the Best of 2016 in Debut Books and in Fantasy!
Crystal Dreams Book 1

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Crystal Dreams, a vivid world of dreams come true!!

King (Mita) Thomas of the magical planet Tartan has ruled the world, and his kingdom, Crysalis, with his beloved Queen (Mifa) Tara Rosa for four peaceful centuries. When the cruel, greedy humans of the nearby Earth planet come ascending on Tartan, his Queen sacrifices her life to protect the planet. With the Queen’s powers gone and their planet on a collision course towards a bloody war with Earth, Mita Thomas sends his trusted general through time to bring Mifa’s reincarnation back to his kingdom where she can hopefully rule at his side as his queen…or be sacrificed to bring his beloved queen back from the dead. With little time and an incoming hell, no one has time to pick sides.

Crystal Rose, a human raised on Earth in the early 21st century, is currently finishing up college until she’s unwillingly thrust into a war between a planet full of magical creatures who hate the human race, and the human race, now full of hellish hate.

Between learning what’s truly going on and who to trust, Crystal must also take the reigns to be a queen in a world that hates her. Will Crystal side with her fellow humans or fight against her own kind, on the team that might just kill her before she gets the Queen’s crown? In a planetary war between humans and magic, whose side are you on?

In this original young adult fantasy romance, Crystal Dreams is book one of the action packed Dreams Series that will test your faith in humanity.


Killer Dreams Book 2

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After surviving a war between Earth and Tartan, the royal family tries to start over on a new planet. But the terrain is treacherous and the kingdom is in unrest with the threat of revolt high in the air, but adding to the misery, the royal princess of the new world has been kidnapped!

In a time of civil discord with the threat of upheaval high, Crystal must either find a way to unite her kingdom, or abdicate the throne, while she is in hot pursuit of the lost princess.

Where do you turn when your own race rejects you, and the world you’ve sworn to protect is now trying to kill you?

Continue the adventure with Crystal, King Thomas, and Jason as they begin a new battle in an unfamiliar world.

Welcome to Killer Dreams!