Book Cover Motivation

With All the King’s Men now set up for pre-order on Amazon Kindle, which can be found HERE, I started setting up a motivational album for all the covers I’ve collected for my upcoming work. Motivational, I say, because looking at them from time to time, I get that additional oomph that I need to keep going! The goal this year is to have at least 4 books released, including sequels to Kassandra Drake’s Story in The Kingdom of Night book two, which will be named If I Should Remember and the conclusion to Alisa Rider’s tale in Among the Stars of the Starstruck Novels.

I’m planning to delve into multiple genres, branching out from Contemporary Romance and Urban Fantasy. I’m doing a quick update to show a few of the covers I’ve revealed over time, to give you an idea of what I have planned for the next year!

Prodigy - Krys and Mila

The first reveal is for PRODIGY (A Stygian Reverieof which I am doing my first-ever Co-Authorship with my dear friend Mila Waters. The cover for this had been sitting for a while under the name “Paradigm” when I first started developing the idea in 2016 when I did my first official run with NaNoWriMo. After revisiting it this past winter, I asked Mila to work together and it blossomed into a possible serial run, and this will be my first ever horror publication. Special thanks to Amy Q of QDesigns for creating such a lovely and inspiring cover for this one. It has no official release date as of yet, but we are shooting for Fall 2018.


Krys Janae - Proxy

The second is for my book PROXY. I developed this one a while back as a pre-made for TakeCover Designs, but when it sat there for a while I had a hunch I might have to pull it for myself. After developing a character for a Stars Without Number Campaign I was playing with a few of my friends, I had created such a backstory that needed to be fleshed out and explored. Sadly, the campaign fell to the wayside but I loved the character so much I decided to turn this one into a novel. I played around with some new effects and layering and once I was pleased with how it turned out, I knew this had to be the cover for my first true sci-fi adventure. Unfortunately, no release date yet, but with any luck it will be TBD 2019.


Close-up portrait of beautiful woman with bright make-up and gloss lips

The third and final reveal for today, is Empty Sky. It was a concept originally developed a concept album I was writing with Spirit Descending, spawned from the story behind the song “Revenge, She Said” from our 2013 EP Creatures of Habit. Fallen Angels, Apocalyptic world, Love, Vengeance, Death — what more could you want? It’s going to be a horror-thriller I’d love to see adapted into a musical album or opera in the future, but that will be a whole new beast to conquer. The concept cover was created by Kris at Breakaway Designs, though I may add a few more effects to give it more of that Angelic/Horror feel. Hoping to release this one in 2019.


Stay Tuned for more cover reveals in the next couple of days! I can’t wait to share them with you.

❤ & Peace

Krys xo




Dark Matter.

They came, we saw, it conquered.


If you follow my twit-scapades @KrysJanae, you’ve probably seen an insurgence of posts and retweets and likes from my account regarding this show, which originally aired on SyFy. Joseph Mallozzi (@BaronDestructo) and producer Jay Firestone asked the fandom to write a letter to them on what the show mean to us, so I was inspired to share my thoughts on the cancelled show here on my blog.

Maybe some mild spoilers below, so continue if you dare? 😉

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Oh hey, didn’t see ya there!

Well well well…

It has been a long while! So, here’s your obligatory “I’m back” post.

Honestly, it’s been super busy here and I am truly sorry for not keeping up with this…so I suppose this is the part where I say I’m going to try and update as often as I can, and hope for the best?

Here’s what’s been happening…in a nutshell…

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Patreon is Live!

Hey everyone!

Just checking in to let you know that my PATREON page is live and running! UGH ANOTHER FUNDING CAMPAIGN…I know, it’s crazy right? They pop up everywhere, for artists like me who want to create stuff if not for a living but to have the means to enjoy doing what we do. I have personally been on a bit of a break from work this past year due to health reasons, and it gave me a chance to dive in and get stuff done on the creativity front. This campaign was developed to help out with my upcoming books like “All the King’s Men” and the sequel to “If I Should Wake” 🙂


SO. With that being said–there’s never an obligation to sign up for Patreon, I only ask that you pass it on, share it to the world, and to those who help out I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

NOTE: I recently changed the method of donations from “per month” to “per creation” so you don’t have to worry about having to deal with a monthly donation rolling out. Anything and everything is appreciated, and I also thank you for taking the time to check it all out!

Catch you real soon with some new blogs, updates and maybe some random stuff too. ❤

Much love!

Krys xo

All The King’s Men – Cover Reveal

Cover by Krys Janae, TakeCover Designs

Hi everyone!


What better way to kick off my convention weekend than to give you a glimpse into my new project? My newest work in progress that is next in the lineup for book releases is going to be called “All The King’s Men” a new series that is considered urban fantasy, as it is in a modern setting with fantastical elements, however…it will be my first venture into the realm of superheroes. But as you might have seen while I’ve been writing this, I’ve been using the tag #TheyreNotHeroes because… well, you’ll see.

Set in a fictional metropolis, Director Morgan Carlisle brings his most talented, yet stubborn field operative Danika back into the life she tried to walk away from a year ago after the devastation of an operation left her broken. She’s more of a lone wolf, but she’s drawn to the new recruit on their team as they try to save the city from someone who is trying to oust the Powered population.

I’d like to thank my dear friends Megan, Jenna, Sarah and Amanda for helping me build this concept as it has been loosely based on a separate project we work on together and that in itself is a fantastical beast… I just can’t thank you girls enough. ❤

This is going through it’s final phase of its first run before I do the first pass of edits and then it’s off to the editor! Writer’s work is never done, though…so after that, it’s onto the next project, which is finishing up the sequel for Falling Stars (titled Among the Stars) and Kassandra Drake Novel #2 which is currently untitled.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.

Krys xo