Halloween: Legacy (IFA)

The Legacy of Michael Myers…

Halloween: Legacy is the sequel to Halloween: Vengeance, and the story branches off from the Halloween films done by Rob Zombie. This is a passion project for director and screenwriter, Derek Hill, who is a major fan of the franchise.

I was so honored to become a part of team IFA (Formerly known as Dark Phantom Films) as we embarked on this new film! I was originally on board as cast (Raven Cummings) and lent a hand in other departments. As an ‘all trades’ sorta gal, I picked up the reins as Casting Director, Script Supervisor, Production Crew, Lighting design, Acting Coach, Executive Producer and more! I’ve met a ton of talented people along the way and can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from Halloween:Legacy.  You can follow along on my instagram for more adventures during our indie production! Join the group on Facebook for more news, and stay tuned for the release in 2018!

IFA films will continue on beyond this project, and is always creating new concepts to adapt to film.