All the World’s a Stage…

I was a late bloomer in the realm of acting; I did a couple of little made-for-class plays in elementary school and didn’t take part in the theater club at my high school. This was mostly because choir was always my main focus, not because I didn’t want to act. In college, I got the courage to audition for my first musical, and truly fell in love with the craft. 

I was cast in a few musicals and plays, and enjoyed almost every minute of it. Every rehearsal, every stressful moment of memorizing lines or having to improvise if a line was walked over or dropped, or recovering when something was missed. It’s such a rush, putting on a show and delivering a performance that’s convincing, accurate or compelling. I enjoy it so much and am so glad to have met a lot of amazing and talented people along the way. 

Now, I have been blessed with the opportunity to explore acting in a different realm, film, and it has been a BLAST! I’m posting a few pics from behind the scenes and performances on stage, but do check out my page dedicated to my first indie film venture Halloween: Legacy and the journey so far.

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