Acting & Voice


Even though she has performed on stage with dance and singing since the age of three, it wasn't until college that she decided to take on acting. Krys has played a handful of roles on stage, in animation, live-action and video game formats, and has also had experience working as crew with film productions. In 2018 she pursued more voice-over gigs, and began regularly booking and narrating for audiobooks on Audible.


Audiobook & Voice Samples

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Narrator for Audiobooks

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Lead Singer for Athens to Ashes

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Always having a passion for the craft of acting, Krys has been in theater productions of: Guys and Dolls, Evita, Beauty and the Beast, Man of La Mancha, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and more. She's participated in fan-film production in a principal role. She tries to stay in touch with the film network, with intent and interest in auditioning or pursuing behind the scenes work going forward.