Oh hey, didn’t see ya there!

Well well well…

It has been a long while! So, here’s your obligatory “I’m back” post.

Honestly, it’s been super busy here and I am truly sorry for not keeping up with this…so I suppose this is the part where I say I’m going to try and update as often as I can, and hope for the best?

Here’s what’s been happening…in a nutshell…


I’m currently trying to tinker with some composition software, as well as record some bits of me playing the piano and singing, which has been a long time coming. I give the maddest of props to anyone who can sing and play an instrument, let alone play an instrument well whilst singing. It’s awesome! I’m working on covers like Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons and Halestorm’s “Familiar Taste of Poison on top of messing around with some new tunes. I would still love to collaborate with others, especially when dealing with some of the ‘nerdier’ tunes out there. 😉


kingsmen-ebook1As of right now I have three WIP’s (including the sequel to IF I SHOULD WAKEstaring at me while one book is in its final weeks of editing. ALL THE KING’S MEN, a launch of a new series about a team of Powered people who have to make moves against the villain King, to save their city. It’s more sci-fi fantasy than the usual paranormal romance that I’m used to writing but I am having so much fun developing these characters and this little world of heroes. I launched a PATREON a while back, which hasn’t seen much success so I want to reach out in a future blog to those who do have a Patreon or even potential patrons to see what would work for you!


Vampire CEO – Erin Bedford

I’m still chipping away at some voice work, including some work for TES:V Skywind worldwide project, but most recently I became an Audible narrator. Special shout out to Erin Bedford (@erin_bedford) for taking a chance on this noob in the biz, as her book VAMPIRE CEO is actually my first venture into narration! I plan on reading for my own books as well as some from Jaclyn E. Brod, and of course the lovely Ellie Potts–since, as some of you may or may not know, she helped get me into the indie biz AND allowed me to write my own book continuing one of her stories! BUT things like narrating take a great while to put together. Recording wears heavily on your voice and then the long haul is the edit, making sure you get all of your frustrated sighs, bad reads, expletives and other errors out of the way, so this has been such a learning experience as a voice actor, and I love it.


I recently joined up with IFA Films, an independent film company, and was hired on as a casting director as well as production assistant, and will be a part of their new indie flick, which is a HALLOWEEN fan film. Casting starts this weekend and filming later this fall when it isn’t consistently 100 degrees in California, which we hope is soon. Future projects will be of the original variety, so I guess I should get cracking on scripts or script searching?



Yes. I know other games have launched, like Life is Strange: Before the Storm ❤
But right now, I’m all about Team Bungo. Bungie has outdone themselves. Might be silly to say that I was actually, totally, legitimately emotional over the launch of DESTINY 2, but I have no regrets. I might be a small part of the community but I love it. Not only have I had the chance to meet new people online, but it brought me closer to my friends and family, and since I didn’t get to play much of vanilla D1, I was so amped to play D2 right out the gate as soon as they launched it last night. Chris (@ChrisInControl) and I will be doing some D2 coverage and super fun times throughout the year with friends in the game!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a game review or anything really related to the ‘verses or ‘doms I’ve been into as of late. Recently, I got to participate in GISHWHES, which is the Random Acts/Charity Scavenger Hunt founded by Misha Collins of Supernatural. I connected with some pretty fantastic folks on my team and shenanigans were had, let me tell you! (I’ll post a separate blog with our links and pics, because it’s just too funny!)

f64f1-20130828_142738_4 On top of that, I gave a long, hard thought about what happened with reviewing and participating as “gaming media”. I used to be a part of WTFGamersOnly and even had my own site with friends PlayersINCTRL, but thanks to time and life getting in the way of both things, I had to stop. It was hard to admit that I bit off more than I could chew. We didn’t have focus, and we also had too many things going on. It’s one thing to dream big but it’s another to get hit with something bigger: The concept of being a super tiny microscopic fish in a really huge pond. While I might have missed the era of “getting big on YouTube” if that was ever my dream (I mean, it would be pretty cool, but still…)–we, being some of us from PlayersINCTRL, decided that we just want to do this for fun.

We’re planning on launching a new channel just for our personal shenanigans like gaming together, discussing geek life together, nerding out together, and just plain HAVING F U N. When things started to get way too serious and it wasn’t fun anymore, we lost the drive. So now, we’re going to post what we want, and what we’re passionate about, instead of forcing ourselves into a medium that is already really booming with similar stuff. I’m probably going to take down what we have currently, maybe montage it at some point because we did have some fun with what we did, but here’s to turning over a new leaf!


That’s what’s been going on in a nutshell. I honestly will be checking back here as often as possible, trying to blog what’s on my mind, what verse/actor/actress/fandom I will be gushing and fangirling over, letting you know about new releases of my books, music, and channel.

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo



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