Naughty Dog punches you in the Feels

If you haven’t watched this trailer yet, please do so. Minor Spoilers in the rant to come.

There’s something about presentation that really draws an audience, to get them invested in an IP. I consider Naughty Dog to be extraordinary in this case. It’s been a while since I owned a Sony Console–not discrediting my Vita but I haven’t picked it up in a while since Corpse Party creeped me out…just saying.

But today, at PSX, the masterminds at Naughty Dog did it… yet again. I didn’t get to see this in real time as it was shown live, but when I got to see it in action, I was simply stunned…

THE LAST OF US was one of the last games I finished on the PS3. I could hardly put it down except when I would get pissed that a stupid Clicker got me and I needed to step away lest I rage quit. Nevertheless, it had my attention to the very end. This Sony exclusive powerhouse is not only one hell of a gut-wrenching and emotional journey…it is a work of art. It has since been remastered and re-released on the console predecessor, the PS4, but I haven’t had a chance to relive that magic.

I was absolutely stunned by this trailer. If you know me, you will know how much I am a sucker for sound design, score and soundtracks. This mostly stems from my passion for horror genre as I am a firm believer that sound (or lack thereof) can make or break any sort of media, if it’s a game, movie, TV, etc. As soon as the girl picked up her guitar, tuned it, and strummed the first note, it had me…the further her song progressed, a woeful ballad about vengeance and strength in such a helpless time, it showed off that gritty, run-down, post-apocalyptic world we grew to admire in the first game, including victims littered throughout the scene.

It wasn’t hard to pick out the sweet, unwavering voice of Ashley Johnson (Ellie), and at that alone it was enough to start the chills and rush of overwhelming sadness that fell behind the words and music. It mesmerized me all the way up to the reveal of the beloved surrogate father and partner Joel (yep, Troymeister himself, [Sorry Troy, it just came out that way lol])…

I found my eyes almost in tears and taking a deep breath to take it all in…
I have said it time and time again I want a PS4 but THIS just compelled me to get one, no matter what. I want it for UNCHARTED,  I need it for THE LAST OF US. 

The song will stay with you, by the way, a haunting melody that will play over and over in your mind. 

Beautiful work, Naughty Dog. You just cost me the price of a PS4 and a well-deserved investment in this game.

 I will be waiting…


Virginia (Game Review)

505 Games, Xbox One
First Impression “review”

Ahh…The Unfinished Gamer has returned! I’m a little rusty here, so bear with me as I review a new game.

The game VIRGINIA was recommended to me by my friend, fiance and gaming cohort, and I picked it up on the Black Friday sale solely on impulse but also convinced by the trailer provided in the story. The trailer itself showed very little, but what was said about the game immediately reeled me in.

I am an auditory learner and a sucker for music and sound design in games because–quite frankly–I don’t think those departments get enough credit. Right  off the bat, this thriller gets you right in the zone with a chorus of strings and piano that will chill you right to the bone. The opening credits pays a subtle homage to crime dramas of old and sets a tasty morsel of the atmosphere you are about to dive into right on the tip of your tongue.

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