NaNoWriMo & Other News!

Hello all! Just checking in today with some updates!

#NaNoWriMo nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant-200

I am a so thrilled to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo! For those of you who are not aware of what it is, this is an event for writers, coming from different genres and writing experience from all over the world to cheer each other on as they journey into the battle of finishing a new book or a work in progress. The goal is to hit 50k words within the 30 days of November. I’m actually off to a pretty good start, hitting the 2k threshold since I’ve been picking at this new book I started writing. It was birthed from an idea of white noise … which I felt was a pretty fitting plot in development, considering it was just Halloween. Check out for more details!

The title is: “PARADIGM” and the lovely cover will be revealed very soon. It was made by my dear, sweet, designer pal Amy Queau, a designer and writer I look up to and admire so much!

#IfIShouldWake & #FallingStars

Now let me address this huge elephant in the room…on my shoulders…on my mind since its launch on October 18th. There is a tremendous amount of growing pains you have to go through as an indie author. This is also independently edited, and independently… well, you get the point. As Christa and I are structuring, and formatting a lot of the stuff we need to go to print, we have taken the finest of fine tooth combs and realized there were a few things that were missed in the final sweep before the book’s official launch. To those of you who have purchased the book digitally, do not worry. I will be updating the book once it is completely refinished and will try to expedite this with Amazon KDP to make sure your reading experience is not taken down by the glitches and the errors that were found along the way. I thank you at this time, from the deepest of my heart, for your patience and understanding.

If I Should WakePlease keep in mind If I Should Wake was a journey that took 7 years to create, restructure over 14+ drafts, and I’ve changed several names, places, supernatural types, etc. It was a jigsaw puzzle of nightmarish proportions to piece together, and I always referred to it as “frankensteining”. Not to mention, deadlines became quite tough as things like “real life” and “health” got in the way, forcing us to release as soon as possible. The sequel is already being developed, but fortunately, I am not by myself in this journey anymore with designers, editors, advisers, proofreaders, beta readers, etc… so things will go a lot smoother than they did for the first release, I can assure you that! 😉

Falling Stars, my first book released in 2015–which was a sequel to my friend Ellie Potts’ bookwill also see a small facelift digitally and I am working with Createspace to get the prints proofed and sold on the Amazon markets!

So, all in all–Digital re-release will be happening soon, for those of you who already purchased it will be receiving the new update when it is uploaded. Print customers, hang tight! I hope to have proofs within the next few weeks, for your physical copy demands and enjoyment!

#Patreon!  #YouTube! #Movies!

Lastly, I just wanted to touch on some things I’ve been so excited to announce.

I am working on an introduction video for my Patreon page. After playing yes-no-maybe so with the idea of running a Patreon account, I decided why the heck not? Now is a fantastic time to launch something to help me achieve my goals. Link and videos will go up on my YouTube Channel, along with some other vlogs and updates that I hope to get to here in the near future. Also, in regards to the YouTube content, I may get into geekery discussion, gaming, possibly streaming, either by myself or with friends to add even more content to my channel and other social medias.



Lastly, I just want to share some amazing news I was given yesterday morning. A good friend of mine asked me to help with an indie horror film called “Halloween: Legacy”. It has been a long time coming but I now the honor of working with Derek (IFAfilms/DPF Entertainment) on a project that will be shooting locally. There will be TONS of details on that as it comes about, including shoot dates, casting, etc. I’m so excited to be a part of this, I have been so stoked since yesterday!

2016 is almost over and 2017 is jam packed with so many cool things. Here we go!

Much love, K


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