#IISW – Acknowledgements

Hello [again] everyone!

I’m sure you’ve seen the numerous posts I’ve put up for #IfIShouldWake and its release today!

Due to a minor glitch in the kindle conversion, the Acknowledgements section ended up getting a little askew…New version edits will hopefully correct the error, but here is the acknowledgements section in its entirety.


Christa Cunningham & Melissa Meehan. You have both provided a sisterhood to me, and I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am you are in my life. You’re living proof that you can still remain the best of friends if you can’t see each other every single day, and you’ve cheered me on through my stumbling efforts to become an artist.

To the kind souls who helped shape this story from the first drafts up to the present include Candice Jimenez, Jack Patiño, Tevita Tonga, John M. Quiroz, Ellie Potts and Christopher Michael, you may not remember seeing some of these very early drafts over the years, but it has evolved from what it was before from a lot of interesting life experiences and most importantly the honest feedback you all gave me. It’s helped me grow as a writer and I appreciate that. My group of test readers: Sarah, David, Emily, Luciana, Jay, Xochitl, and Ellie, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to help me out and I hope you enjoyed this one. I look forward to working on the next.

I owe a lot of my heart and soul to various musicians who became the soundtrack to my life through the years of development of this book. I’m forever grateful for the roller-coaster of emotions that skillfully assisted in the decoration of these pages.

Special thanks as always to my dear friends and family for encouraging me every step of the way, especially my mom, dad, stepdad, and my two crazy but amazing brothers who have always told me to never give up.

Much love.


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