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New stuff coming on the Writing and Voice-Over Front, including my new Reel which was released on my channel a few days ago.

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Featured – Stone Guardians: Obsidian (Ellie Potts)


Title: Stone Guardians: Obsidian

 Author: Ellie Potts
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

 Book Banner 13 - Ellie Potts (Stone Guardians Obsidian Blitz)



This is a different take on the vampire mythos.

LONG BEFORE man there were Stone Guardians, a race of immortal warriors who sat beside Goddess. Isobel is different, she is an illegal bound servant. Not human or Guardian, she is vampire. Last of her kind, kept hidden by her Guardian master Vilem of the Obsidian Clan. Youngest son to Ivy who is responsible for the uprising that tore the Stone Guardians into two factions. One who still worship the Goddess, and the other who defies her.

Isobel has seen a lot throughout her many years with Vilem. She has learned with great minds, taught by teachers who live in history books. But she is truly happy when she sings. Now she is the head singer of the local rock band À La Mode. Her band consist of her closest friends, who are fourth generation Guardians. As uninvited visitors show up and threaten Isobel’s life. She has to play the good little Guardian while her world unwinds.

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Recharge is BACK

As stated in our “…New Us” video (that Steve loved so much), Hyton has made his glorious return to the Recharge “booth”. So far he has reviewed Kickstart’s Midnight Grape that was made famous by the big game’s commercial – #puppymonkeybaby, with Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon coming up at 5pm PST!

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More videos to come!

Uncharted 4: Another Delay

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has had a wild ride, bumping its initial release date a couple times now, and at one point had their entire script rewritten. The news comes hot off of the presses after releasing it’s 5th trailer which revealed more beautiful landscapes, intense chase scenes and the return of some familiar faces that franchise fans had grown to love.

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