2016 Update

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year! The last three months of 2015 were a complete blur due to my day job and whatnot, but now that I have some free time to breathe and get situated here, it’s time for an update.

Now I don’t post too much family stuff publicly but the video I just added to my channel was a great day, and an opportunity for me to film so I put together footage from my older brother’s 40th birthday party. It’s a little delayed, since his birthday is actually in November, but due to my day job and computer issues, I couldn’t edit this until now.

Thanks again to our pal Avi, Scott & Mitch for helping us out by lending us your time & talent. #PTX

I am so pleased to announce my next book is in editing. The cover is pending, but keep an eye out for its reveal soon. I’ve found myself writing several things, including a script, storyboarding a concept for my band and a couple shorts I’m trying to fill out into novels.

I have some music and other works on the way, including some collaboration with some local friends, so stay tuned for that as well! In the coming weeks I will be voicing for a couple of projects including: The Elder Scrolls: Skywind, Star Trek: Fleet Ops, more from Elrios Mages (Elsword) and more MMA videos on The Montage King (YouTube). I’ll be putting together a demo reel and a vocal reel this weekend.

I’m always down to collaborate so if you want to join in the fun together, send me an email krys.janae@gmail.com.

Wishing everyone here the best for the new year and thank you all for coming around to support my works!!

Krys xo


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