Blast from the Choral Past

I was digging through one of my older YouTube accounts and stumbled upon the video of a performance from a lifetime ago. I had a lot of fun (and often time miss) singing with a choir, and this performance was one of the last ones I ever did under the direction of Jeff Seaward, who is a talented, passionate patron of the Arts. He taught me a lot, and always encouraged me to pursue my musical dreams, and I thank him for that. I just moved “La Traviata”, performed with Cristian Duran, over to my official channel for you all!

Thanks to my mom for filming this back in the day. 😉

I tried to clean up some of the video and audio, but even in 2008 the A/V tech wasn’t as great as it is today, especially with spotlights. I promise I’m not a ghost. :p


-Krys xo


Cover Reveal – TWISTED (Elizabeth Montgomery)

Hello everyone! I recently stumbled upon a review of Elizabeth Montgomery’s works while venturing through my Kindle. She is a best-selling author and is now presenting to the world the cover of her latest book TWISTED, which is slated for release on February 29th, 2016. Check out the beautiful cover, the blurbs for the novel itself and follow Elizabeth on her various social media pages to follow her and her works.

K – xo




Twisted_Banner 1


Publisher: CHBB
Publishing Cover Artist: Regina Wamba with Mae I

Design and Photography

2016 Update

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year! The last three months of 2015 were a complete blur due to my day job and whatnot, but now that I have some free time to breathe and get situated here, it’s time for an update.

Now I don’t post too much family stuff publicly but the video I just added to my channel was a great day, and an opportunity for me to film so I put together footage from my older brother’s 40th birthday party. It’s a little delayed, since his birthday is actually in November, but due to my day job and computer issues, I couldn’t edit this until now.

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