Just a few things…

Lots of stuff to say thanks to posts that keep coming up on all of my social media accounts. I try to bite my tongue but I figured I’d just let it all out here. I can stay out of arguments but thanks to free speech still say this:

If you are a fat-shamer or fat-hater, good for you, I say with deep and unending sarcasm. No one really cares about how proud you are to say that you hate them. You’re just showcasing how insecure you are with yourself. Some people get into bad eating habits and others may have a disability or disorder that you know nothing about because you didn’t want to take the time to understand what things may be like in their shoes because you’re a size zero, a very cocky health nut or (as I’ve learned recently) someone who wants to get behind the cowardice of a camera and say something hurtful and ridiculous on YouTube to people they don’t even know. This is not aimed at my skinny or healthy or even bigger friends to spread hate but to really express that saying “no fatties” gets you nowhere except maybe 100 points into the douchebag jar. Encouragement goes a lonnnng way. I am not where I need to be weight wise but to the fit people helping me along or even those cheering me on or working out alongside me, thank you.

If you post anti-cop or pro-cop stuff, just know that cops are humans. Humans have the capability to be stupid, no matter what side of the line they’re on. One person or a group of people making the wrong choice and doing something absolutely terrible doesn’t mean they’re “all like that”. I’ve known many people on both sides of the line and there can be good cops and there can be bad. On that same note, understand that there are good people and bad/stupid/inconsiderate/ridiculous people out there too.

I am ready and waiting for those who keep saying “Thanks Obama” to transfer their blind disgust at the next POTUS who will be the unfortunate victim of blame shift when he or she comes into office. Yes. I said she. It could happen.

No matter what color you are, your life matters. Stop looking into something so much that it brings attention to race and segregation, you’re being counter productive. Seriously.

I may not go to church but I’ll respect your beliefs if you understand mine.

If you don’t like someone’s music, religion, tattoos, sexual preference, hair color, the fact that they like pasta, that they bake cakes, drink a different beer than you…

…don’t hate on them. You’re not the only person in the world. Remember that someone out there probably dislikes your stuff too…

If you don’t agree, no big deal.

Rant over…for now.


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