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It has been several weeks since my last blog, and without sounding too repetitive: I am so soorrryy! Things have been running very wild over here, and some things are good, others not so good. I assure you that I am okay, and am here to share things with you. So… here goes.

Falling Stars - Web - Krys Janae
Falling Stars is a SEQUEL to Ellie Potts’ Seeing Stars now available on Amazon!

As some of you guys may know, I am coordinator and partner for Players In Control (In CTRL)! A little corner for my geeky-self to shine, other than here of course. We are getting ready to head down to AnimeExpo in Los Angeles, and I wanted to get a video together to update everyone on how I was doing and how excited I was, but…life got in the way. [*kicks it*] I have been sick for the last 10 months with something we couldn’t quite narrow down so I had to undergo a procedure to get that straightened out. I get my results tomorrow, so please cross your fingers. It wasn’t major until the last few months where it was completely painful and debilitating and made me unable to go to work on some days. After the procedure, I started to experience some intense back pain so BACK TO THE DOCTOR I GO! -_-  I am extremely grateful for my  team, by the way, for holding down the fort while all of this craziness is going on. Thanks guys! On that note, I also am officially sharing the news (again) of my departure from WTFGamersOnly, where I was once an Editor. I am still on great terms with the folks there, they became friends and remain friends. Because I work a full time job, and am pursuing my ongoing madness in Voice Acting, Writing, Music and eventually film, all of that on top of becoming ill led me towards the decision to leave there. Miss ya, guys!

My books are battling it out, currently. I have about four or five stories I’d like to get done but the writing mood strikes at random and sometimes inconvenient times, and they also hit me for different stories. I sent in my first draft of my original series into the editor, and after a few days of dwelling, I figured out what else I need to add to it. No cover yet, and no official title, but it’ll be here soon. 🙂

As far as Voice Over is concerned, I’m still learning and have a lot to learn. I was recently picked up by TheMontageKing on YouTube, who has over 32k subscribers for his videos on MMA. I have done work for several Skyrim Mods including Summerset Isles (TBA), Fredas Night Fashion (Now Available on Nexus & Steam) and Skywind (In Progress), as well as participated in blocking for Star Trek: Fleet Ops as a member of Starfleet. I’ve had the pleasure of helping various machinima, games and audio plays get voiced, and it has been a ton of fun and can’t wait to get back in the booth next month. I know a lot of people have asked me whether or not I’d like to read for audiobooks, and I definitely would, it’s just a matter of finding the time…which I will. When I get back, my goal is to get a new Voice Over reel together and onto my SoundCloud and YouTube channel. I have a lot of ideas I’d like to expand into with my channel and the one for In CTRL, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one. I am going to be throwing together some music for you guys, and some awesome collaborations with different artists, so this will be a lot of fun!


Spirit Descending‘s last performance was on Sex, Drugs & Kris DeVold for Central Valley Talk, based out of Fresno. The performance was posted on their page, with aSD pretty fun interview that followed. We have been together for SIX YEARS which is pretty epic, in my book. We have learned from our many mistakes and are still growing and developing as a band and as musicians in general, so it has been a very eye-opening and great experience. If you haven’t already, I request that you share our music with anyone who may be interested, or at least check out our Facebook page and throw us a like. We just broke 900 (after the uphill battle with FB wiping out inactivity) and are climbing. At one of our last meetings, we discussed what we want to come out of our new album, the concept album, and I think you guys will enjoy it!

I am still running my gofundme campaign, where you can donate to help me save towards my goals of: helping me recover, obtaining new recording equipment, attend Voice Over workshops (like the one with Bang!Zoom in Burbank) and get new covers for my upcoming books. I am considering going through Patreon in the future, and if you are a current Patreon artist or a Patron yourself, please tweet at me/message me/comment on how it’s working for you because I would love to get into that!

Wellp, dinner is getting cold so I am off for the night, and will be back with some Anime fun-ness!



SideCast is Here!

Did you catch our new mini-podcast releases on YouTube? Last week, we launched SIDECAST, a smaller discussion surrounding gaming and geek news. We are available on our YouTube Channel, so check us out there and subscribe for more! Here’s a peek at the first SIDECAST, as seen on our channel.

SIDECAST 1 – Part 1

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Top Picks for E3!

We have seen some tremendous press conferences this year, from: Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and of course the Big Three: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. After having our minds blown by several sneak peeks, trailers, and even some gameplay footage, Chris & Krys tell you what their Top Picks are [so far] from this year’s E3.

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