R.I.P. Silent Hills…??

I was so so so very excited to see two masterminds, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, come together to create a new game in one of my all-time favorite series: Silent Hill.  Announcing their collaborative work during Gamescom of last year, Konami released a demo under the title “P.T.” In fact, I wrote a bit about the playable teaser and all of its mysterious, eerie and memorable glory HERE, so feel free to click on the link to read my reaction to one of the scariest experiences I have had with a horror game to date. (AND I DIDN’T EVEN PLAY IT!)

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Life is Beautiful…



Earlier this year, Dontnod released the first chapter of their new game entitled Life is Strange. The episodic storytelling experience follows the tale of Max Caufield, a young woman who returns to her hometown in Arcadia, Oregon to attend an institute to follow her dreams of becoming a professional photographer. Rich snobs, bullies, jocks and all of the inevitable tropes of being a teenager all fall to the story’s B-Roll when Max discovers that she is something special. The story unfolds and begins to tie knots in the web of ultra-realistic characters in this setting.

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