Pre-Order Now! “Falling Stars”




Check out my first book, “Falling Stars”, which is the sequel to “Seeing Stars” by Ellie Potts. The Starstruck Series is about life and romance. It follows the author Alisa Parson as she learns about what happens on screen and off, when she goes to Hollywood and learns to work with the stars. Keep an eye out! Author Ellie Potts will be giving away “Seeing Stars” for FREE on the day of release so if you want to start from the beginning (highly recommended) be sure to also pick up “Seeing Stars” also on 3/31!!!

Click the link below to get it when it arrives on 3/31.

It is a contemporary romance novel. Even if it isn’t a book for you, feel free to share it for someone on your list who may be? Your support is most appreciated. Make sure to support Author Ellie Potts and Nowicki Productions / Premade Ebook Cover Shop by checking their facebook pages out and giving them a like! Annnnd last but not least, thank you ELICIA for editing and being so patient!! I’m lucky to have you as my editor.

Lots of special thanks to my support system. Friends, family, followers, you are amazing.

Stay tuned for more book release news and ideas coming from me to you right here, at KrysofAllTrades.



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