FGC Review, Spring 2015

Guest Submission: Jonathan A.

To some, this time of year is a time where students & teachers get ready for Spring Break, people spend their time considering which soda to give up for lent and why they should give it up, baseball creeps back up after a great 2014 NFL season (GO NINERS! ahem…) but to most online-World Warriors, it is Road to EVO! (Visit shoryuken.com/tournament-calendar/ for more info).

Though there are a major tournaments year round:

January has Apex and probably more.
February has Cannes Winter Clash in France.
March has Abuget Cup in Indonesia, Nine States Tournament in Fukuoka, Japan, and noteworthy FINAL ROUND in Atlanta ,Georgia, USA.

As the year continues, on April will have:
NorCal Regionals in Sac-town (or, Sacramento, CA, USA)
Hypespotting 4 in Glasgow,Scotland
Spring Fighter in New York City, NY, USA
Norwest Majors in Des Moines, IA, USA
Double Elimination in Seoul, South Korea.

In May, there is:
Southern California Regionals 2015, Orange, CA
KVO in Osaka Japan; Texas Showdown in Huston
June 2015 has CEO 2015 that Jebailey is working hard organizing, Dreamhack and SEAM 2015. Then we finally come to one of the main events. Evolution Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada! (The Road to Evo and the Capcom Cup Pro Tour go hand in hand.)


Yeah! That is alot of tournaments to stream or to look forward to for those of you interested in fighting game circuits and events. The training of a World Warrior doesn’t stop at all, everyone wants to be the Ryu of their country. If you are a World Warrior, stay strong. You do not have to visit every major to earn points in the Capcom Pro cup ( Unless you have enough money…then more power to you if you place high and visit every tournament). Show the world what you can do at your nearest Major or at EVO! for games; for those that don’t know or have been training too hard to pay attention to the news.

Street Fighter V has revealed Charlie Nash, for those that do not know who Charlie is. He is Guile’s friend that Guile has been looking for. Charlie has been in Street fighter vs X-men, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and I believe Alpha 2 or 1. From what I can see in the teasers and trailers, he was a prototype for Seth, though he has a gem embedded into his forehead which probably came from Gill’s Illuminati Cult. I can picture him being played like Seth from SFIV. I see his Alpha supers and Shadow Agent moves…I am still hype for this game and I wonder if Balrog (aka Boxer) will be in this one. (my mains will probably be Chun/Ryu/Balrog again…)

I have not played Guilty Gear Xrd in awhile, so no updates than me trying to find out what is canon and what isn’t.

The recent Tournament I have been to were the Tulare County Scifi Games tourney which hosted a Smash 4, USFIV, and Tag2 ( Tekken Tag 2). No one showed up for Both USFIV and Tag2; but there was a good group of 10 for Smash 4. I made it past my first match while my next match was someone who knew the advanced mechanics ( I.E Perfect Pivoting…) but it was my Peach vs his Jigglypuff. I made alot of mistakes during the match. I throw turnips at him when it was unsafe, I did not take advantage of all the punishes that I saw. Aside from all that, I had fun and learned my lessons. I hung out with Krys and her band (SpiritDescending) too!

I ordered a few more parts for a old Round 1 Standard Edition stick and they are: A sanwa JFL with added grease, a 2lb spring and the wiring harness, one Sanwa 30mm screw in button with a pack of 9 silencer foams, and a octagon restriction gate.  I am still wiring SE using Toodles’ PS3/PC Multi-Console Cthulu board…( man that is a mouthful) just stuck trying to wiring the Start/Select buttons.

That should be it for now, there are bigger news FGC news out that and this has been my review from what I have seen. #kappa

-J. A.


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