Falling Stars – Cover Reveal!

Remember when I reviewed Seeing Stars by Ellie Potts on my blog ages ago, and said to stay tuned for the story to continue? Well it’s coming folks! Here is my continuation of Logan & Alisa’s story, called Falling Stars. This is my first ever finished novel, and I am so thankful for both Ellie and Elicia (our editor), for all of their assistance through this process.  Now that this one is done, I am working on future works to be published as soon as this year. Tremendous thanks to those who have helped me with this cover reveal, and lots of love to those who have supported me through this. It is incredibly surreal to see my name on a cover of a book. (Thank you Marianne for a gorgeous cover from your cover shop. I knew as soon as I saw this one, it would be my cover! 😉 )

Here’s a little sneak peek at the story:


You met them in Seeing Stars, and now they’re back. After celebrating the success of their movie Gateway and a leap into wedded bliss, Alisa and Logan Rider separate for a few months as they each venture into their own new thing: Logan is cast in a high-budget action film which is the stepping stone into the next chapter of his stardom, while Falling Stars - Web - Krys JanaeAlisa has become a writer on the TV show Family Insurance, showing great interest in not only producing the show but casting as well. Since Logan will be busy with his movie, the studio hires Evan Gable, an up and coming director in the independent market, to help on the Gateway sequel.

Alisa’s first impression of Evan leaves a sour taste in her mouth, but when she is sent on a scouting trip to New York City with him, she sees a different side of him. Feelings begin to develop, but Alisa is determined to keep him at a safe distance. She’s in love with her husband, Logan.

When she gets back to Los Angeles, Alisa discovers a terrible secret her husband has been hiding, leaving her an emotional mess. She thought she had it all. She thought she was finally content.  After finding her Prince Charming, and expecting a happy ending, Alisa becomes torn between loving him and leaving him. Can she forgive him a second time?

Falling Stars is the sequel to Seeing Stars by Ellie Potts.

Falling Stars will be released on March 31, 2015, on Amazon.com.  For those of you curious/new to the series, it is a contemporary romance novel, very different from what I am used to writing but I am having a blast with this story and these wonderful characters.

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