Supernatural Celebrates it’s 200th Episode

Carry On, Dean and Sam.

…and Cas.
…and Bobby.
…and understudy Jody Mills.

Last night, the Twitterverse blew up during the episode Fan Fiction, when the actors and crew of the CW’s show Supernatural participated in their weekly live-tweeting session with fans during the airing of the show. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and guest stars Katie Sarife and Joy Regullano were among those stars (as well as William Shatner!!) and it made the experience of the episode itself even more exciting.

Warning: minor spoilers are ahead, so be prepared for those if you decide to Carry On.

The Supernatural 200th Episode trailer

The title explains it for the most part: Fan Fiction is about a play being performed at an all-girls school, based on the books written by [prophet] Carver Edlund. When a star of the show and their drama teacher disappear, the boys show up to investigate this case, to figure out whether or not it is really a case.  Turns out Marie is being hunted by the muse Calliope who sets out to devour those inspired to create a show, and those who get in the way…get taken away.  The boys eventually try to explain who they are to the playwright, actress and director Marie and her stage director Maeve, they are laughed at when they say that there’s no singing, robots or aliens in Supernatural.

The musical itself was the bulk of the episode and was the true star of the night, putting the hunting portion into the background, and rightfully so.  It was a great balance of action, comedy and some “B.M.”, and paid respects to things like leaving their half-brother Adam in a cage with Lucifer, how Sam would “make a good Dean” (possibly poking fun at Jared Padalecki for his previous role as Dean in Gilmore Girls), or how Marie wasn’t a real fan of “the Meta stuff” which was a word play on the arc involving the delusional angel Metatron (featured in Season Nine).

Supernatural Fan Fiction

Songs in the show included: Single Man Tear featuring Sam and Dean singing about their feelings for one another, I’ll Just Wait Here Then, Castiel’s solo ballad, probably still waiting under that street lamp, and The Road So Far which is Dean’s solo, a show opener that explains the beginnings of the show.

From the moment the credits roll, which features all title screens from the past nine years of SPN, to the very end when Carver Edlund makes his re-appearance, Supernatural 200 was one hell of a ride.  It was such a nice homage to the last nine years and how much has happened to Sam, Dean, and everyone in the family.  The rendition of Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son was absolutely entrancing.  The entire supporting cast were a very talented bunch and their voices (particularly in Carry On) brought many fans to tears.

Favorite Moments of the night:

  • Shipping, a writer/fan term for pairing up likely or unlikely teams or relationships was addressed as well, once brought up by Becky Carver’s fanatic ex-girlfriend (and Sam’s ex-wife from episode Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!).  Dean makes an attempt at breaking up the thought of shipping a mixture of the Winchester brothers, and Sam wonders why a “Destiel” combination was possible but not a “Samstiel”, which prompts Dean’s quick response of: “Shut your face.”
  • B.M.” – It is not a bowel movement.  It’s a Boy Melodrama, where the boys stand by the car, maybe drinking a beer…and discuss their relationship.
  • Maeve to Sam: “Don’t touch anything”… and as soon as she leaves, cue the lights!
  • Marie, Understudy Sam, puts on her wig and sets out to “Streisand this bitch”
  • The “Single Man Tear” song.  That is all.
  • Maeve. She had some of the best lines/delivery!
  • Dean making reference to RENT: “No day but today!” (Come to find out on twitter that Jensen has never seen the musical RENT)
  • Dean breaks the fourth wall when Marie tells him he can’t spell subext without s, e, x.SPN

…Okay there’s way more than this, the entire episode was just too great!

Everything about this week’s episode spoke to me. As a theater nerd myself, I was absolutely enthralled by the subject matter chosen to take part in the series’ milestone.  I laughed from beginning to end, catching bits here and there of references found through the series’ run so far and felt that it ended with such great resolve, as the brother’s finally came to peace with one another.  After binge watching it for the last few months, it was actually a breath of fresh air, as the two had been at each other forever about one thing or another.  With such a great following and a great production, it’s no wonder Supernatural has gone on a wonderful 10-year journey. If there’s a musical episode in the future, one could only hope that the main and recurring cast will be involved!

Congratulations to the show, the cast, the crew, everyone, for a wonderful run on the road so far, here’s to many more.


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