Arrow Reveals Black Canary

Brace yourselves, Arrow fans, there’s a new face for the Black Canary to grace Starling City! Not too much of a spoiler alert here, but if you haven’t seen the show, then I warn you now, to avert your eyes.

After the death of her sister Sarah, who was originally presumed dead, Dinah Laurel Lance is ready to suit up and avenge her.  Blasted all over the interwebs on almost all of your social media networks, you can find a picture of actress Katie Cassidy donning the Black Canary suit in all its glory, blond hair, black mask, and ready to kick some ass.

Left Behind

Fan-peoples of the series can now rejoice because all is right in the ‘verse; when Canary first surfaced in the CW series, there was an uproar over it because of her identity, and now with Laurel taking over for her sister, all of the fans can rest easy.

Season 3 has already offered lots of promising twists and turns, including some the incorporation of its sister-series, The Flash, which has received a lot of praise for its portrayal of Barry Allen.

Tune in to CW on Wednesday’s for Arrow, starting at 8:00 p.m. (PST)


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Source: IGN, CW


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