Soldier, We’re Back in Business!

Thank you, Sledgehammer Games, for delivering a knockout.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings a fresh, new feel to the game franchise.  It is by far the best one seen since it’s glory days of Modern Warfare 2 and early Black Ops days.

There was a lot of speculation around Sledgehammer Games jumping on-board as the third development studio for the beloved franchise, but it seems that they have found a new way to engage the target audience with stylistic gameplay enough to revive the allure behind the annual release.  Compared to that of TitanfallHalo and other games in the Call of Duty family, Advanced Warfare has taken a lot of flak for being the “SSDD”.  Sure, the controls are familiar and the tactic may be similar to those seen in games prior, but the feel is definitely different.

Adding the verticality into the mix certainly changes the dynamic of the traditional run-gun-die-repeat scenario.  Take customization to a new level with RPG elements as it can be tailored to your playing style.  If you want to sprint faster, or want less recoil, spend your points upgrading those skills.  Or, in the multiplayer, you can actually look into your supply drops (which give you different grades of weapons or armor) and use them if you must, but you can also choose to break them down to gain XP to further your mp career. The setting, the weaponry, the maps all compliment one another, and make the gameplay smooth.


I have only played a couple hours into the story and it is entertaining so far.  While not as captivating as campaigns in the MW series or even into the Black Ops era, this campaign utilizes the stars Troy Baker and Kevin Spacey to its advantage. I won’t spoil much here, but their performances are pretty great.

From someone like myself, the Unfinished Gamer (if you will), who hasn’t liked much offered in the games in the last couple years, I recommend that you give it a shot. Now the preceding was purely an opinion based piece reflecting my views.  I understand while there may be personal preference for some who like one game over another in the Treyarch vs. Infinity Ward debate, but this game is definitely worth checking out.

We will have a full review on this shortly.


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