This War of Mine – Review

This little War of mine…

Developed by War Child, experience war from a different perspective: the torn lives of the civilians. Take the run and gun method of a first person shooter, the ease of utilizing resources readily available and tactics of a real time strategy, and the creative freedom you get with an RPG. Combine them in a mixing pot and you get a nice balance found in the game which is an atmospheric phenomena dragging you through the pits of despair that is war.

It may even be possible to survive without firing a single shot, but that could be at the risk of your own peril.

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Supernatural Celebrates it’s 200th Episode

Carry On, Dean and Sam.

…and Cas.
…and Bobby.
…and understudy Jody Mills.

Last night, the Twitterverse blew up during the episode Fan Fiction, when the actors and crew of the CW’s show Supernatural participated in their weekly live-tweeting session with fans during the airing of the show. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and guest stars Katie Sarife and Joy Regullano were among those stars (as well as William Shatner!!) and it made the experience of the episode itself even more exciting.

Warning: minor spoilers are ahead, so be prepared for those if you decide to Carry On.

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John Wick – Review

Why yes, there is honor among assassins.

John Wick is a suspense thriller that was brilliantly told in just under two hours of film.  That being said, it’s safe to mention that Matrix-star Keanu Reeves is back and in John Wick, he’s back with a vengeance.

Any of you curious to know the mystery beyond the surprise-hit of John Wick, please read on. Mind the spoilers ahead, that’s your only alert.

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