Seeing Stars!

This blog is long overdue, and I apologize for its delay to my friend Ellie Potts, who has been patient with me as a mentor and writing motivator.  Note that this blog is not gaming related or metal related but it is very dear to me, as it has to do with the book written by my dear friend. 🙂 So for those of you readers out there, enjoy.

Before the release of this book, I actually helped with a cover reveal for this novel, and shortly after that, I became a beta reader.  Little did I know what I was actually in for.

Seeing Stars is a novel about a young woman named Alisa who is going through some very troubling times.  After leaving her cheating husband and driving down to Los Angeles, she finds a new life in the city and is guided by her new found friends in fame: Dawn Blackmon, Ray Day and the ever dreamy Logan Rider.  Rider is one of the leads in a hit show called “Family Insurance” and in his downtime, managed to get a hold of one of Alisa’s books to adapt to film because he was so enthralled by her writing he wrote the script!

As the pages fly by (and believe me, you won’t even notice it, the story is that good), Seeing Stars gives an insight to the night and day life of an actor, and the trouble found when Alisa, a writer who is naive to this world, is thrown into this fast-paced, paparazzi filled, rumor driven world.

With multiple 5-Star reviews on Amazon (including mine), Seeing Stars has had great praise from readers.  For those of you interested in contemporary romance, this novel is a fantastic read.  I love books but I generally don’t find too much time to read.  This story, however, caught my attention as the characters (especially Alisa) were easy to relate to and believable.  I couldn’t put this book down, except as I got closer to the final pages, because I was sad that it was coming to an end. The situations they are put in and the resolutions of some of the more dramatic scenes are realistic and sometimes guttural, that it punches you right in the heart.

I highly recommend this book to any and all of my fellow readers, so feel free to check out a free sample or Buy Seeing Stars on!

Now for an exciting announcement: I am a writer, and have been working on a handful of projects left and right. Music, books, a concept for my band’s new album, and when I happened upon this story and its ending, I couldn’t help but find myself attached so much to the characters that I went to Ellie with some questions kinda like this:

“What happened to…”
“Where did this plotline end?”
“Did we ever see this happen?”

It’s not to say that I wasn’t satisfied with the ending, I was just so delighted by these characters and this star-studded life that I wanted to see a bit more.  After much pestering (haha), Ellie was gracious enough to grant me permission to continue the story of the Stars.  It is definitely in its early stages right now so bear with me. The story may continue. 🙂 Huge thanks again to Ellie for being so kind as to allow me to do so, and I hope it will do the story, that you have so beautifully created, some justice.

Much excitement on my end, believe me. So please, support my good friend and check out this wonderful book, Seeing Stars!

Thanks for Reading!


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