Gamestop Expo 2014 – The Verdict

I’m back.

Alright! Took me long enough, right?  Now here’s the follow-up post from the expectations I set for Gamestop Expo!

The trek to Anaheim was a breeze.  Early morning drive with the crew into the City was nice and easy.  The line wasn’t even a hassle either, and as it was my first time to the Anaheim Convention Center, I was immediately pleased with its staff, interior and presentation.

I did see the Batmobile as that was one of my first things in the previous list, but I was more surprised by the different suits they had on display.  The one I found most amusing was the Batscream Cone.  Multiple suits were littered through the area.

Next up, Dead Island 2.  The demo area I played in was a little too contained for my tastes.  They didn’t allow you to go beyond a certain point (which I understood) but at the same time it was just a lot of running around, dodging baddies and hacking through what you could if have had the proper weaponry.  Which, in my case…I didn’t.  I also got to check out Dying Light, a game I was absolutely excited for, and had a teensy weensy bit of trouble discerning the two.  I can say that DI2 was a little more entertaining that DL, because once I got to a particular baddie that had a heavy bit of concrete and rebar to attack back — was virtually impossible to kill. From what I could tell from here, Dying Light has parkour, Dead Island 2 is familiar and a lot easier to handle.

The Evil Within I kinda dove into headfirst and landed flat on my face.  It’s not to say that the gameplay was bad, it was just confusing.  The controls were a little floppy and having started in the middle of someone else’s adventure, it was kind of difficult to maneuver and figure my way out.  The doorways were a little strange, because where most games give you the prompt to hit a certain button to interact, there was no prompt, so I spent a little bit running around like a chicken with its head cut off thinking I was just stuck in a room.  The enemies were a little scared but kind of inconsistent from what I could tell.  One minute they know where I am and will walk after me, the next I can walk right into the room and shoot them at point blank before they can even turn and yell “unnnhhghh” or whatever it is that ghost, zombie, bad guys yell.

Check out the video for ICTV from Gamestop Expo!

Battlefield Hardline was actually pretty good! I heard some of the bugs and bad things from the Alpha access back at E3 and knew that it had to be better as a few months have now gone by.  We played Cops vs Kidnappers and had to protect our hostages (or rescue the hostages, depending on what side we were on) and it was a lot of fun.  Being last man standing, like Amanda was most of the time, was really nerve-wracking and intense but we enjoyed it.  I am definitely looking forward to the finished product.

I got to check out the top down, Gauntlet-esque game, Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris with Amanda and it was a lot of fun.  The style was hard not to compare it to the dungeon crawler Gauntlet, but it was still entertaining! The skills used by one player are mandatory to advance (ie: Lara’s whip was a tight-rope used for player 2 to cross over a pit, while player 2 had a staff that shot a deadly light beam into the distance.  Really great to play with friends, and I would love to play more of it.  A game I could say left me with the same feeling leaving as I did going in to it was Sunset Overdrive.  The rail-to-rail schemes felt a little similar to Infamous (PS3) and even though we only played 1 mode, which was a horde-mode type deal, it only left me curious to the actual game.  I enjoyed it but couldn’t say that playing the demo made or broke the game.

The winners for me had to be Until Dawn and The Order 1886, which is a lot coming from an Xbox fan.  Before you throw a fit and get all “______ is Masterrace” on me, hear me out.  I was Sony up until the PS3 and for years I have been exclusively buying games for my Xbox 360 for the fact that most of my friends had the console as well so we could play multiplayer things like Battlefield, Gears, Call of Duty, etc. together, and the only games that I would buy on my PS3 were exclusives like Last of Us, Uncharted, and the like.  If you asked me which console I would have stuck to more before I walked in, I would have told you Xbox One.  Then these two games happened…

Until Dawn is a consequence based game that is told like an old slasher flick.  A group of teens are staying up in the mountains.  Unfortunately for them, some very terrifying things start to happen. The investigation is seemingly left upon these “helpless teens” as they venture through this very dark and sinister tale.  I am told that if any of the 8 characters die the story continues, which opens up the storytelling to multiple endings and several different ways of how the story is told.  The camera and controls felt unusual (as the camera isn’t over the shoulder like most games nowadays) but if I had to liken it to something, I would say it was reminiscent of old style Resident Evil.  If the ending of the demo is any inclination of how the full game will play out, then I have to say this: be prepared to make some very difficult decisions.

The Order 1886 has only progressively gotten better in my eyes.  After its subtle crawl into the limelight since it’s announcement, the time period, the lore behind this alternate realm has become absolutely intriguing.  It took a moment to get acclimated to the Playstation controls once again but once you get back into the swing of things, you realize that it really is like riding a bike.  Having received much guff for being too close to a “Gears of War clone”, I still feel like The Order 1886 is a strong title, and has definitely convinced me to get my Playstation 4 for its release.

And yes, the GUESTS! I got to meet and greet Ashly Burch (HAWP), Nolan North (again) and meet up with my friend Esper of the Frag Dolls!  They were all so pleasant and wonderful! Thanks to all of them for taking the time to take a pic or chat with me!  Very exciting!

I am so proud to have actually played what I was looking forward to, and so much more.  The experience is always a blast, I had so much fun at this Gamestop Expo.  I look forward to it again next year!

Thanks for Reading!


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