First Impression : The Order 1886

Developed by Ready at Dawn Studios and Sony Santa Monica, The Order 1886 brings a new third-person shooter experience to their next-gen console.  For those of you looking for streamlined gameplay with nearly seamless transitions and intuitive control, check this game out.  Graphically stunning in all aspects from environment to the realism of character movement down to the facial expressions are simply fantastic.

I’ve heard some mention that this feels like a “Gears of War” clone, which is somewhat accurate, as it has a run-n-gun theme with a pretty solid cover system. Sure, it may seem so close to Epic Games’ brutal shooter, but I think the time period and subject matter of the game changes the feel entirely.  Set in 1886 in an alternate version of our London, the game opens up a world of half-breed creatures lurking the city and the Order that is sworn to protect the citizens from their carnage.

The weaponry in the game was pretty interesting, and the one gun that I can remember was pretty fun to use was the Thermite gun.  This dual-shot cannon offers an initial spray of thermite, with the secondary shot igniting the area targeted.  It was a great tactic to blow the opponents away, and take out multiple targets if they were in range.  Ultimately, I was thrown off some, having to get acclimated with the Sony controller after years apart, but for the most part it was intuitive.  The “Black Sight” is considered this game’s version of bullet time, allowing the player to quickly move between targets as it slows down time. If used effectively, it can get you out of dangerous situations in a pinch.

Transitions between cinematics to gameplay were fluid and not forced, and didn’t take me out of the experience.  The voice acting was decent as well, which is generally one of the first things I get ready to pick-on in any game.


Overall, this game made me a true believer in the PS4.  I was never against Sony Playstation as I consider that my roots after moving up from the SNES, but in the recent years of learning how to play in online multiplayer with friends, I always picked games up on my Xbox.  Since the announcement of this title in 2013 at E3, my interest was piqued but I didn’t delve enough into the news enough to truly find the desire for this title.  The only game that was going to steer me towards the Playstation at first was the upcoming Uncharted 4 from Naughty Dog.  Now. After playing through the demo at GameStop Expo, I was so excited to see something new and enthralled by this exclusive game.  I will definitely be picking up my Playstation 4 very soon.

The Order 1886 is set to release exclusively for the Playstation 4 on Feb. 20th, 2015.

Come back for a review on this title when it arrives!


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