GameStop Expo Prep!

It’s that time again! GameStop Expo is coming up in just one week and I am excited!  I can’t believe it’s been one year since my first convention ever. I didn’t get to go to the bigun’s this year like E3, ComiCon, PAX or Gamescom 😥 — SO I will be able to hit Anaheim this year to see some of the amazing new titles and events that are coming to GameStop Expo.   Last year I got to meet one of the Frag Dolls and one of the Cadettes which was an honor, Nolan North *insert dreamy sigh* and see some spectacular things that came out during the year.
A few things that I know I’ll want to see for sure:
The Batmobile! Full scale bat mobile replica will be available to check out.  Yes.  Even as a complete Marvel-Head, I still like some things DC. (shhh…)
Dead Island 2, Evil Within!  I hold onto hope for DI2, as I was an addict of its predecessor, Dead Island.  Zambie killing is a thing, and I enjoy it. As for Evil Within, from what I can tell… >_> well I can’t tell very much.  I did a survival horror piece in a blog prior wondering if Evil Within will bring it back to Survival Horror roots, and I’m still iffy.  To be honest, since watching P.T. (have yet to walk through it myself) I’m wondering if anyhorror game will hold a candle to it.
Sunset Overdrive! Now, I know a lot of people are really excited for this game and after watching some of the previews, it looks like a ton of fun.  However, it’s not generally the kind of game I go for (not out of prejudice, just out of preference)  but I would love to get hands on with this game in particular to see if it’s all that’s cracked up to be.
Battlefield Hardline! Whether or not this will be playable, I’d still like to see what sort of presentation EA will have to offer for this game.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to play the BETA when they opened it up to players during E3, but from what I heard, the delay was inevitable.  As devastated as I am with most games being pushed, I can only hope this delay will be for the best and that this game comes back and kicks some serious butt when it does find its release.
Me and Nolan North at Expo 2013
The Guests!  Rumor has it Nolan North will be making a return to Expo this year, among other names like Todd McFarlane and YouTuber/Borderlands voice actress Ashly Burch.  I just hope I don’t fan-girl out too much, but it will be great to see Nolan for a second time! Ahh! Not sure what to expect from the press conferences, but I hope they present some great stuff to rep each console!
There’s so much more that I can rave over, but those stood out to me the most.  Keep an eye out on the IC YouTube channel for some more details and I will do an overview when I return!
Thanks all for reading, check back for more after the expo and make sure you check out some really cool links below.

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