Cover Reveal: Playing with Magic (Ellie Potts)

Playing With Magic 

 **Dark Erotic Fantasy**

You can play with magic, but controlling it might get you burned…

Life has been getting back to semi-normal, as everyone was starting to enjoy their new life. Okay yes, cousins, Autumn and Anatha found out they were elemental witches, and yes they spent a few years in a safe house as what can only be described as a zombie outbreak occurred. But Autumn, River and Rowan had settling in with each other, and Anatha and Jaime were getting serious. But the dreams started, and then a big secret was dropped…

This secret will take Autumn and Anatha by Storm, the nickname for their twin brothers. They journey to a magic town where they were born, and with the help of family and new friends lean that they have a destiny already set before them. One that was created years before they were born. It was written in their stars, and certain people will kill to make it happen. Will they save the world they know and the people they love, as they have no choice but to battle witches, monsters, cannibals and a crazy cult.

Coming in October!!

About the Author: ELLIE POTTS
(from her blog, Author Ellie Potts)

What can I say? I am a HUGE nerd. I have been crafting stories since I was young. There is this rush you get when you tell a campfire story to kids your own age and scare them to screams. Writing is an output for me. In this crazy world, this is the one thing that keeps me sane.

I live in Visalia California, but grew up in Merced County where some of my short stories and books take place. It is also where I met my super nerdy husband shown in the picture. My husband and I live with two cranky red eared sliders who live in a kiddie pool in my backyard, and of course there is Peanut our mean attack Bugg (Boston terrier/Pug).

I love books just as much as I love writing them. I love owning, reading and being surrounded by them. I worked in a bookstore for over 6 years, and I have to say I miss working with them. I am always looking for new books and series to read. So if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. Favorite authors at the moment are Ilona Andrews, Gail Carriger, Stephen King, Jaye Wells, Jonathan Maberry, Janet Evanovich and many others.

Other Likes:
Music= ❤ (Mostly Rock)
Movies (Horror, Comedies, Ect.)
The God of War Video Games
Star Wars
Renaissance & Pirate Faires
knitting and other arts & crafts
Rock Band
Eclectic Pagan

About the title of this blog:

Scríbhneoir is Gaelic for writer. I love Celtic culture and stories and I have upcoming books that are based around Celtic beliefs and traditions. This is actually going to be one of my next tattoos as well.


Gamestop Expo 2014 – The Verdict

I’m back.

Alright! Took me long enough, right?  Now here’s the follow-up post from the expectations I set for Gamestop Expo!

The trek to Anaheim was a breeze.  Early morning drive with the crew into the City was nice and easy.  The line wasn’t even a hassle either, and as it was my first time to the Anaheim Convention Center, I was immediately pleased with its staff, interior and presentation.

I did see the Batmobile as that was one of my first things in the previous list, but I was more surprised by the different suits they had on display.  The one I found most amusing was the Batscream Cone.  Multiple suits were littered through the area.

Next up, Dead Island 2.  The demo area I played in was a little too contained for my tastes.  They didn’t allow you to go beyond a certain point (which I understood) but at the same time it was just a lot of running around, dodging baddies and hacking through what you could if have had the proper weaponry.  Which, in my case…I didn’t.  I also got to check out Dying Light, a game I was absolutely excited for, and had a teensy weensy bit of trouble discerning the two.  I can say that DI2 was a little more entertaining that DL, because once I got to a particular baddie that had a heavy bit of concrete and rebar to attack back — was virtually impossible to kill. From what I could tell from here, Dying Light has parkour, Dead Island 2 is familiar and a lot easier to handle.

The Evil Within I kinda dove into headfirst and landed flat on my face.  It’s not to say that the gameplay was bad, it was just confusing.  The controls were a little floppy and having started in the middle of someone else’s adventure, it was kind of difficult to maneuver and figure my way out.  The doorways were a little strange, because where most games give you the prompt to hit a certain button to interact, there was no prompt, so I spent a little bit running around like a chicken with its head cut off thinking I was just stuck in a room.  The enemies were a little scared but kind of inconsistent from what I could tell.  One minute they know where I am and will walk after me, the next I can walk right into the room and shoot them at point blank before they can even turn and yell “unnnhhghh” or whatever it is that ghost, zombie, bad guys yell.

Check out the video for ICTV from Gamestop Expo!

Battlefield Hardline was actually pretty good! I heard some of the bugs and bad things from the Alpha access back at E3 and knew that it had to be better as a few months have now gone by.  We played Cops vs Kidnappers and had to protect our hostages (or rescue the hostages, depending on what side we were on) and it was a lot of fun.  Being last man standing, like Amanda was most of the time, was really nerve-wracking and intense but we enjoyed it.  I am definitely looking forward to the finished product.

I got to check out the top down, Gauntlet-esque game, Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris with Amanda and it was a lot of fun.  The style was hard not to compare it to the dungeon crawler Gauntlet, but it was still entertaining! The skills used by one player are mandatory to advance (ie: Lara’s whip was a tight-rope used for player 2 to cross over a pit, while player 2 had a staff that shot a deadly light beam into the distance.  Really great to play with friends, and I would love to play more of it.  A game I could say left me with the same feeling leaving as I did going in to it was Sunset Overdrive.  The rail-to-rail schemes felt a little similar to Infamous (PS3) and even though we only played 1 mode, which was a horde-mode type deal, it only left me curious to the actual game.  I enjoyed it but couldn’t say that playing the demo made or broke the game.

The winners for me had to be Until Dawn and The Order 1886, which is a lot coming from an Xbox fan.  Before you throw a fit and get all “______ is Masterrace” on me, hear me out.  I was Sony up until the PS3 and for years I have been exclusively buying games for my Xbox 360 for the fact that most of my friends had the console as well so we could play multiplayer things like Battlefield, Gears, Call of Duty, etc. together, and the only games that I would buy on my PS3 were exclusives like Last of Us, Uncharted, and the like.  If you asked me which console I would have stuck to more before I walked in, I would have told you Xbox One.  Then these two games happened…

Until Dawn is a consequence based game that is told like an old slasher flick.  A group of teens are staying up in the mountains.  Unfortunately for them, some very terrifying things start to happen. The investigation is seemingly left upon these “helpless teens” as they venture through this very dark and sinister tale.  I am told that if any of the 8 characters die the story continues, which opens up the storytelling to multiple endings and several different ways of how the story is told.  The camera and controls felt unusual (as the camera isn’t over the shoulder like most games nowadays) but if I had to liken it to something, I would say it was reminiscent of old style Resident Evil.  If the ending of the demo is any inclination of how the full game will play out, then I have to say this: be prepared to make some very difficult decisions.

The Order 1886 has only progressively gotten better in my eyes.  After its subtle crawl into the limelight since it’s announcement, the time period, the lore behind this alternate realm has become absolutely intriguing.  It took a moment to get acclimated to the Playstation controls once again but once you get back into the swing of things, you realize that it really is like riding a bike.  Having received much guff for being too close to a “Gears of War clone”, I still feel like The Order 1886 is a strong title, and has definitely convinced me to get my Playstation 4 for its release.

And yes, the GUESTS! I got to meet and greet Ashly Burch (HAWP), Nolan North (again) and meet up with my friend Esper of the Frag Dolls!  They were all so pleasant and wonderful! Thanks to all of them for taking the time to take a pic or chat with me!  Very exciting!

I am so proud to have actually played what I was looking forward to, and so much more.  The experience is always a blast, I had so much fun at this Gamestop Expo.  I look forward to it again next year!

Thanks for Reading!


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Seeing Stars!

This blog is long overdue, and I apologize for its delay to my friend Ellie Potts, who has been patient with me as a mentor and writing motivator.  Note that this blog is not gaming related or metal related but it is very dear to me, as it has to do with the book written by my dear friend. 🙂 So for those of you readers out there, enjoy.

Before the release of this book, I actually helped with a cover reveal for this novel, and shortly after that, I became a beta reader.  Little did I know what I was actually in for.

Seeing Stars is a novel about a young woman named Alisa who is going through some very troubling times.  After leaving her cheating husband and driving down to Los Angeles, she finds a new life in the city and is guided by her new found friends in fame: Dawn Blackmon, Ray Day and the ever dreamy Logan Rider.  Rider is one of the leads in a hit show called “Family Insurance” and in his downtime, managed to get a hold of one of Alisa’s books to adapt to film because he was so enthralled by her writing he wrote the script!

As the pages fly by (and believe me, you won’t even notice it, the story is that good), Seeing Stars gives an insight to the night and day life of an actor, and the trouble found when Alisa, a writer who is naive to this world, is thrown into this fast-paced, paparazzi filled, rumor driven world.

With multiple 5-Star reviews on Amazon (including mine), Seeing Stars has had great praise from readers.  For those of you interested in contemporary romance, this novel is a fantastic read.  I love books but I generally don’t find too much time to read.  This story, however, caught my attention as the characters (especially Alisa) were easy to relate to and believable.  I couldn’t put this book down, except as I got closer to the final pages, because I was sad that it was coming to an end. The situations they are put in and the resolutions of some of the more dramatic scenes are realistic and sometimes guttural, that it punches you right in the heart.

I highly recommend this book to any and all of my fellow readers, so feel free to check out a free sample or Buy Seeing Stars on!

Now for an exciting announcement: I am a writer, and have been working on a handful of projects left and right. Music, books, a concept for my band’s new album, and when I happened upon this story and its ending, I couldn’t help but find myself attached so much to the characters that I went to Ellie with some questions kinda like this:

“What happened to…”
“Where did this plotline end?”
“Did we ever see this happen?”

It’s not to say that I wasn’t satisfied with the ending, I was just so delighted by these characters and this star-studded life that I wanted to see a bit more.  After much pestering (haha), Ellie was gracious enough to grant me permission to continue the story of the Stars.  It is definitely in its early stages right now so bear with me. The story may continue. 🙂 Huge thanks again to Ellie for being so kind as to allow me to do so, and I hope it will do the story, that you have so beautifully created, some justice.

Much excitement on my end, believe me. So please, support my good friend and check out this wonderful book, Seeing Stars!

Thanks for Reading!


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First Impression : The Order 1886

Developed by Ready at Dawn Studios and Sony Santa Monica, The Order 1886 brings a new third-person shooter experience to their next-gen console.  For those of you looking for streamlined gameplay with nearly seamless transitions and intuitive control, check this game out.  Graphically stunning in all aspects from environment to the realism of character movement down to the facial expressions are simply fantastic.

Continue reading “First Impression : The Order 1886”

GameStop Expo Prep!

It’s that time again! GameStop Expo is coming up in just one week and I am excited!  I can’t believe it’s been one year since my first convention ever. I didn’t get to go to the bigun’s this year like E3, ComiCon, PAX or Gamescom 😥 — SO I will be able to hit Anaheim this year to see some of the amazing new titles and events that are coming to GameStop Expo.   Last year I got to meet one of the Frag Dolls and one of the Cadettes which was an honor, Nolan North *insert dreamy sigh* and see some spectacular things that came out during the year.
A few things that I know I’ll want to see for sure:
The Batmobile! Full scale bat mobile replica will be available to check out.  Yes.  Even as a complete Marvel-Head, I still like some things DC. (shhh…)
Dead Island 2, Evil Within!  I hold onto hope for DI2, as I was an addict of its predecessor, Dead Island.  Zambie killing is a thing, and I enjoy it. As for Evil Within, from what I can tell… >_> well I can’t tell very much.  I did a survival horror piece in a blog prior wondering if Evil Within will bring it back to Survival Horror roots, and I’m still iffy.  To be honest, since watching P.T. (have yet to walk through it myself) I’m wondering if anyhorror game will hold a candle to it.
Sunset Overdrive! Now, I know a lot of people are really excited for this game and after watching some of the previews, it looks like a ton of fun.  However, it’s not generally the kind of game I go for (not out of prejudice, just out of preference)  but I would love to get hands on with this game in particular to see if it’s all that’s cracked up to be.
Battlefield Hardline! Whether or not this will be playable, I’d still like to see what sort of presentation EA will have to offer for this game.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to play the BETA when they opened it up to players during E3, but from what I heard, the delay was inevitable.  As devastated as I am with most games being pushed, I can only hope this delay will be for the best and that this game comes back and kicks some serious butt when it does find its release.
Me and Nolan North at Expo 2013
The Guests!  Rumor has it Nolan North will be making a return to Expo this year, among other names like Todd McFarlane and YouTuber/Borderlands voice actress Ashly Burch.  I just hope I don’t fan-girl out too much, but it will be great to see Nolan for a second time! Ahh! Not sure what to expect from the press conferences, but I hope they present some great stuff to rep each console!
There’s so much more that I can rave over, but those stood out to me the most.  Keep an eye out on the IC YouTube channel for some more details and I will do an overview when I return!
Thanks all for reading, check back for more after the expo and make sure you check out some really cool links below.

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P.T. – Playable Teaser

The “lucky”? few Playstation 4 owners who braved through the terrifying hall of endless hallways, I applaud you.  I’ve watched about a dozen different iterations of the demo played through, and every time it was different, but every single damn time I was absolutely terrified! I am absolutely 100% excited for this game.  As mentioned in blogs prior, I haven’t experienced much along the lines of Silent Hill since producer and composer Akira Yamaoka left the company, but now that the twisted minds of Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) and Guillermo Del Toro (The Strain, Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) are involved…
I am sold. 
Even though P.T. states that the demo doesn’t directly reflect the finished game, who is to say that the fear factor will be any different?  Apparently hints at this project started back in April when Kojima tweeted that he wanted to make a Silent Hill game and specifically named Norman Reedus and Ryan Gosling as potential cast members.  Reedus was actually featured in the official ending to P.T. during the cinematic,  walking through a run-down, burning town with his flashlight to guide him through the mist.  SO. 1 out of 2 names isn’t so bad, so far! I am so very excited for this game.  When will it come out? 2016 I am guessing, at best–but it’s hard to say. We do know that Kojima Productions have been hard at work for several years with Metal Gear Solid V, and if this is just a taste of what is to come, I will wait as patiently as I have to for the masterpiece.  
Note: the demo on average has taken players around an hour to complete, sometimes more, and often times the ending is not triggered.  This has made some gamers upset, but others have dug deeper into the demo to find its secrets to unlock that ending.  
The question now is: How much more brain-teasing action are we going to get about the game?
One of my favorite things about Hideo Kojima is that he is great with riddles.  Once the game was over reddit was littered with lots of information about secrets hidden in the game. 
For example: 
  •   7780 Studios was the false name they used when originally releasing the game.  It first appeared as an unknown title under “P.T.” by this studio on the Playstation Network.  “7780s” refers to a location in Japan which is called “Quiet Hill”. It was the first hint dropped and one of the last for puzzle-solvers to realize.
  • Ÿ  If you listen closely to the radio (without…*cough* interruption)  there is a language broadcast that plays behind some static.  That broadcast happens to be the Swedish broadcast of Orson Welles’ 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds which begs the question of the species of the “creatures” being aliens.  Aliens, as most Silent Hill fans know, have been a recurring theme in the games, offering alternate endings which feature extraterrestrial beings making an appearance in one way or another.  
  •   In the beginning of the game, there is some text that reads: “The only me is me.  Are you sure the only you us you?”  Running right on top of the lines of science fiction, discussions about parallel universes have surfaced when P.T. is mentioned.  I won’t give away too much, since it is definitely something to see for yourself.  But when you realize that someone is watching you, someone may be following you, slamming doors, peeking through the cracks… just remember these words.
  • Related to parallel universes, Silent Hills pluralizes the original title to the game, which can lead one to believe that there are more than one nightmarish experiences for one to come across. As you pass through the door you believe is the exit, it brings you back to the beginning. Even though, at first, it looks as if nothing has changed, there are changes from minuscule to extreme if you’re paying attention.  
So many theories have come about and while some of them are mere speculation, some reach a little bit too far–some are actually pretty plausible which makes the backstory of the game even creepier and Kojima’s genius level raise a notch each time.
You can bet your assets that I’m going to try and cover every detail about this game as it unfolds and maybe possibly, probably I can get some of the In-CTRL folks involved in some Silent Hills action as well.
Thanks all for reading, check back for more and make sure you check out some really cool links below.

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P.T. / Silent Hills Reference Links
P.T. Silent Hills Official website
Text, Hidden Messages, Broadcasts in P.T.
Silent Hills Wiki

Check out my favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, play P.T.!