Google killed the YouTube Star?

So we’ve all heard about the new bomb that has dropped on YouTube. Copyrighted material being used in any YouTube videos will not be monetized. At. All.  Some companies (Ubisoft, Blizzard and Capcom) are fighting it, saying they have no problem with content being used but others, like Game Freak/Nintendo are absolutely for this movement.  I found out when a YouTuber, ProJared, shared a picture on his Facebook regarding this issue. Where the video shows “Published”, it also states that the video “Matches Third Party Content” so it would not be eligible for monetization.  What does this mean for the rest of the YouTubers that thrive on posting video game footage? ie: Let’s Players like Pewdiepie, Toby Turner, Markiplier and the aforementioned ProJared?

As I see it, games get some pretty good publicity from YouTubers.  While I understand that games are a sacred property of developers, developers who want money just like anyone else, I see YouTubers like Mark and Felix play a game daily and we have a good laugh, enjoy the content being played and most of the time I will want to go purchase the game for myself.  It’s just like going over to a friends house and playing a game together.  Most of the time, it will entice me to purchase the console and/or game for myself, and thus the developers and manufacturers still get their money.  A good example was years ago, my friend (IC Santi) and I shared his Xbox 360. He would bring it over so I could check out what the fuss was all about, since there was so much hype around a little game called “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”.  It was gorgeous, time-consuming, alluring, compelling, wonderful and seemingly endless.  Because of this, I eventually obtained my own Xbox 360 and Oblivion game because my friend was nice enough to let me try something out.  This almost ties into the pre-owned game shenanigans from earlier this year; game sharing and experiencing it with a crowd of people makes it enjoyable.

Not to mention, simply seeing a game be played sometimes reignites the spark for me.  When Mark and friends Wade and Bob start up a game of Minecraft for their “Drunk Minecraft” series, I want to turn on my Xbox and start mining on my own.  Watching Toby play through Skyrim made me want to journey through on my own.  It’s the power of suggestion. Or, perhaps… it is being able to explore a game that you may not have the privilege of playing.  A friend of mine couldn’t justify purchasing a Playstation 3 just to play Naughty Dog’s epic game: The Last of Us, so he watched Pewdiepie play it through and got to see what the fuss was all about.  He loved the game, he loved watching it, but he didn’t own it. All because our YouTubers, our entertainers, set the stage for us.

Not sure how long this is going to work out or what sort of countermeasure is being taken at this moment… But I know that this will affect the livelihood of most GameTuber’s out there.  Will it stop them from doing what they love to do?  What I love that they’re doing? I hope not.

It may not have made sense but there’s my two cents on the issue.

I now leave you with one of my favorite YouTubers, Boogie2988 and his recent video about this topic.

Boogie2988’s Video about YouTube’s new Copyright policy

Side note: I have been out of the game lately, thanks to the holiday hours keeping me at work, but I am still here. Thanks to those folks who have read my blog and are supporters of!

Til next time,
IC Krys


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