TellTale Games! (TWD & The Wolf Among Us)


The trailer has arrived! And…it’s over.

Yep, I was elated to hear that the arrival of the new Walking Dead trailer had landed on YouTube, via TellTale Games, and prepared myself for what the reveal had to offer. I got comfortable, sat back in my chair and waited.  The video opens with images of locations from both Season One and 400 days, bringing in the voice-over dialogue from the two beloved characters from the first installment, the ill-fated Lee Everett and his little companion, Clementine.  Photos of the undead are replaced by photos of the innocent Clem with a glimmer of hope in behind her, to a Clem standing amidst the hungry baddies in the darkness, in the rain, within a scenario that all hope is lost.


That was it.  No other characters were shown, no scenarios were revealed not even a release date to confirm.  TellTale leaves us with a bitter mystery of when Season Two will be revealed.  And here I am, drooling, biting my nails and waiting for the next episode to surface.

Sad face.

Last year’s Game of the Year has left quite an impression on us all, so it’s no surprise that a lot of us were disappointed that there was very little substance to the trailer.  I had a feeling that Clem was going to be involved in Season Two, so that was confirmed but nothing else.  Hopefully we see something soon, like a playable demo of Episode 1 so we can satisfy our cravings for the new Season!


I am, however, so excited about the Wolf Among Us.  The twisted fairytales by Bill Willingham come to life in this gritty choose-your-own story about Sherriff Bigby Wolf has already captured my attention with Episode 1. The combat, though a little wobbly at times, was more interactive compared to its sister-title, the Walking Dead Season One.  Most of the elements are familiar, in a sense that the games are alike, but it is indeed enjoyable. For $5 dollars, it is absolutely worth it! The voice acting is solid, the art is gorgeous if you enjoy the comic style and the story is fantastic.  In this impromptu mini-review, I have to give Wolf Among Us a 4/5.

For more details, stay tuned–I will be purchasing the Season Pass for WAU and anticipating TWD S2 and will be covering it both here and on the website!

Til next time, Players!

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