The Unfinished Gamer Returns

I know I’ve been a bad gamer…and I haven’t blogged in a great while, but things are finally settling down and I will be getting to it, I promise! As it was on high demand (on facebook) I will be picking up Fallout 3 to finish it very very soon! However, I’m sure you guys are aware that Fallout 3 is an open world game, aka distraction game, aka shiny over here and now you’ve gone so far away from the story that you might as well keep on salvaging your bottlecaps from this “dungeon” and get back to it maybe someday…that it will be very difficult for me not to do side missions but I hope to get it finished up so I can finally put my thoughts onto that virtual paper about it.

You have a mancave? I have the Assassincave.

I also got back into Assassin’s Creed III recently and will be wrapping that one up as soon as I can get a few hours to myself and just play through the game.  So far, the multiplayer is pretty fun too as I was surprised to find players still lurking those servers.  As far as the single-player story is concerned, there was something about that separation anxiety with my beloved Ezio that I couldn’t bear to “cheat” on him with Connor but I’m actually digging the game so far. I managed to fight my way through as Haytham and am playing as Connor now. Just reached a pretty good twist in the game, and I look forward to seeing what will happen.  Unfortunately, internet memes, gamers with no spoiler alert and NOLAN NORTH have actually spoiled the ending for me, BUT, I will continue on. Even after hearing what the outcome was for LOST I still want to watch it.

Me and Nolan North from GameStop Expo 2013

Alrighty folks, I just wanted to check in with you real quick, to let you know that I have finally finished the Last of Us.  IC Chris and I have discussed that this year’s Game of the Year contenders are racking up pretty quickly, and Last of Us had so many stunning aspects about it that set it apart from many games this entire generation.  As we already reviewed The Last of Us on, I will just give you a brief rundown of my experience.

The gameplay: smooth.  The graphics: phenomenal.  The soundtrack: haunting.  The action: edgy. The writing: top-notch…and of course, the acting: superb.  One of the many Troy Baker games out this year (with a surprise cameo from Nolan), The Last of Us does not disappoint, even to the very end.  I am such a huge fan of Naughty Dog and look forward to future titles from them, new IPs or otherwise *coughUnchartedcough*… Ellie and Joel were such a dynamic duo; relatable in some ways, dysfunctional daddy/daughter relationship was both cute and tragic at the same time.  The jumpscares and unfortunate circumstances as well as some of the predicaments were heart-racing and had me at the edge of my seat.  The detail that went into the game was mind-blowing. I found the end to be a bittersweet resolution to a compelling tale.  Worthy of a solid 5/5.

Stay tuned for more from me, the Unfinished Gamer!… until next time Players!

-IC Krys


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