Expo aftermath!

Back from Gamestop Expo and I must say I am EXHAUSTED.  So many nerds in one spot, it should be illegal.  I did see some pretty amazing stuff so let me give you a run down of my top 10.

10. Rocksmith 2014
Though I didn’t get to really play the first Rocksmith, I had heard nothing but great things about it.  The fact that it teaches you how to play a real guitar made me excited for it, and seeing the new additions make me want to invest in this new installment.

IC Amanda killings the baddies on ESO

9. Bethesda
Elder Scrolls was on my “to check out” list and I was actually pretty impressed with how the game turned out.  MMO’s are not usually my cup of tea but I was pleased with what gameplay I was able to see. Between Elder Scrolls and Fallout, I was sure Fallout would make MMO jump first.  Or maybe I was just hoping simply because there are so many fantasy type RPGs out there that I wanted to see something a little different.  Regardless, ESO looks pretty fantastic and I will be building my PC to jump into Tamriel with everyone.

8. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
As I am dubbed the “Unfinished Gamer”, I have yet to finish Assassin’s Creed III.  But fret not, I am definitely working on it.  I believe I may have put the game (III) down early on due to the fact that the game has become tedious over the years with its annual release, not allowing it to truly make any innovations to the gameplay, or even expand the story beyond what we already know or expect.  Assassin’s Creed IV seems to have taken the gorgeous scenery from III and the exciting innovations from II and mashed them together, creating a very vibrant world with some new twists. What the full game holds, no one truly knows…except that you play as another Kenway, who is a pirate. Who doesn’t want that?

IC Chris plays OCTODAD on PS4

7. The Indies
Octodad was some hilarious good fun to watch in action.  I’d seen Pewdiepie play it on his channel, but actually watching the attendees and IC Chris play it was pretty amazing. There is so much room for great development with the next generation, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us.

Bungie Devs demonstrating Destiny

6. Destiny
The Activision booth was crowded with those checking out Call of Duty: Ghosts and even Diablo III.  What did manage to catch my attention was the Bungie crew sitting against a DESTINY backdrop with a very loud surround sound system booming and a monitor behind them.  I hadn’t looked to deep into the world of Destiny, but after seeing the game in action I have thrown this on my wishlist.

Sony Playstation 4 Booth featuring Beyond: Two Souls

5. Beyond: Two Souls
Anxiety attack, much? Yes. Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls was there to play and for those of you who understand David Cage’s style of the never-ending quicktime events understand it when I say anxiety attack.  The game play looks a lot smoother than Heavy Rain, but somewhat similar. I have yet to grasp the concept (and the style) of how to maneuver the spirit of Aiden in game, but playing as Ellen’s character Jodie was pretty cool.  Instead of littering the screen with buttons and controls, Cage simply let the character watch her movements and complete them with the thumb-sticks which made the cinematics even better.  I look forward to playing the game in its entirety when it comes out in October.

The Xbox 360 and the Xbox One side by side

4. The Consoles
I can’t rate one over the other because they are equally as good.  Both controllers were light, easy to use and just comfortable.  The designs up close look a lot more sleek compared to their predecessors.  One can only hope they are as efficient as they make them out to be, and perhaps just as powerful.

The Dice/EA Battlefield 4 station

3. Battlefield 4
As I said in my status for that day, I rate the game a 10 out of 5. Yeah, I may have exaggerated a bit, but damn did it look good. In the revolving war between Call of Duty and Battlefield, there is constant comparison between the sound and graphic design and of course, the gameplay.  Getting to actually play Battlefield 4 sold me on the simple fact that it played smooth. I hadn’t played a first-person shooter online in a while and getting to squad-up with my fellow IC Mates was spectacular. It was easy to get back into it.

Nolan North and IC Krys at the Turtle Beach Booth

2. Nolan Fricking North!
As I’m sure you’ve seen, we posted pics to our profiles and the facebook page.  It was just unreal! All these years of playing games, listening to the same, smooth, charming, witty, awesome voice done by this man — and finally we were able to meet him.  I was so stoked to be in the same building as him, I ended up waiting in line twice to “hang out” with him. Hearing his voice live was unbelievable. Nolan was a sweetheart, and was kind to every single person he encountered and he even let me kiss him on the cheek for my fellow gamer-chick who said it was mandatory upon meeting him. I hope we cross paths with Mr. North again in the future!

Ubisoft = awesome. Watchdogs Theater

It was part of my Top 10 before, and its reign holds strong. Watchdogs wasn’t playable, but it was available to watch.  It was played right before my eyes and I have to say, I have seen the light. Watchdogs looks amazing. Not just graphically, but in general, it looks phenomenal.  The city backdrop, the characters, the movement, the innovation, the integration…everything about this game made me want more! I cannot wait until its release, and until then I drool.  Watchdogs is heading out this November, now I just have to decide which console I want it on.

More in-depth details to come, so stay tuned players!


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