My Top Ten for Expo

Hey Players, we are on our way to the Gamestop Expo next week, and IC is giving our Top Ten “to see” list prior to going. Keep an eye out for our follow up list once we return; we will let you all know what we were able to experience and do another Top Ten list!

10: The Consoles

 To get this out of the way early, Yes I am looking forward to the consoles. Not because I want to scramble and trample on day one and be instantly broke…but because I really want to see what the next generation has to offer. I’m content with my PS3 and XB360 for now, but the PS4 and XBox One looked impressive on TV. Now’s my chance to get hands on.
9: Outlast
Do I want a heart attack? Do I want to possibly leave the showroom floor screaming? Perhaps. It’s bad enough that I get anxiety thinking about Slender or even Siren Blood Curse, but I’ve watched 2 playthroughs of the Outlast demo and I still want to be scared out of my mind, first hand, to see if I can handle it.  Survival Horror is one of my favorite genres, and I heard this is one that can’t be missed.
8: Call of Duty: Ghosts
Love it. Hate it. Love it. Hate it. This game has become quite tedious the last few years, with every game stepping only an inch beyond their predecessors. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with Ghosts to go beyond MW3 or even Black Ops. Hopefully. I am excited that you can be a woman, but don’t get me wrong. I can still blast opponents away as a guy. No worries there. COD Ghosts had some interesting new features and I can’t wait to check this one out. 
7: Pokemon
Catch ALL of the things!  I’ve missed a quite a bit since Pokemon Pearl.  After seeing what new concepts/gameplay X & Y has to offer, I truly do hope this will help out Nintendo and their sales because Pokemon is a great franchise!  Here’s to hoping that it is available to check out while we’re there!
 6: Grand Theft Auto V
Party like a Rockstar.  Are you surprised? I am. I didn’t think GTA V would make it to my list at all until I saw some of their latest trailers.  GTA IV didn’t interest me as much, though the PC version generated some interesting mods.  GTA V, even after reading the ESRB’s official verdict on it, looks like a refreshing new way of playing this loved (and hated) franchise. 
5: Indie Games
Sometimes the best games are the sleeper games. Many of these are independently developed.  Titles like Limbo and PixelJunk Monsters easily became my favorite games after being shown by other people.  To those gamers, I am grateful–because it goes to show that it doesn’t take thousands of dollars in marketing to make a good game.
4: TellTale Games
The Walking Dead: Season 2 & the Wolf Among Us are definitely on my radar. I couldn’t pick one between these titles because I’ve definitely fallen under their spell. Consequence based storytelling and intense action with compelling characters have always captured my attention, and they have this concept down! I hope either one of these is playable!
3: Battlefield 4
Gorgeous scenery, destructible environments and of course, guns. Lots of guns.  I enjoyed what I played of Battlefield 3, but since I “hung up the guns” and stopped playing FPS for a while, I am excited to experience the new game.  (Though after watching the 17-min footage they had posted a while back, I am already sold!)
2: Elder Scrolls Online
MMOoooooohhh yeah. MMORPG is another genre I haven’t touched in a long while, mostly because of cost and even on those free-to-play ones: time.  After journeying through Skyrim, Oblivion and other lands therein, I decided ESO will be my first MMO to pick up after this apparent “fast” of MMO gaming. I look forward to openly exploring the familiar lands, and of course, getting lost in the dungeons to loot. Everything.
1: Ubisoft
Ubisoft are definitely one of my favorite studios, and even though I’m a step behind the rest in the AC series, I am looking forward to seeing Black Flag in action, as well as The Division. Ubisoft also brings the Frag Dolls, who are my gaming idols! But, when all is said and done–I must say that the #1 slot on my list will truly go to WATCHDOGS. The last game that intrigued me from the start and didn’t disappoint was The Last of Us, and Watchdogs seems to bring that same allure. 

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