Injustice for all!


So I didn’t want to get this game at first, mostly because I am definitely a Marvel girl, but I broke down and decided to give [Injustice] a try.  While the game might have some minor flaws, I thoroughly enjoyed getting a peek into the DC realm.  The graphics are smooth.  Each stage has unique interactive units like statues you can leap over or robots you can program to blow up, even a pig swinging on a meat hook you can push to knock over your opponent.  Transitions are used when a player is knocked through the setting and into another arena to continue the fight.  Transitions also allow you to see some cameos from other DC characters such as: Scarecrow, Riddler, Penguin and more.

There are concept art pieces you can look through to see the evolution of each character.  The game is voiced by a lot of well-known actors of the industry, such as:

Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite, Catherine)
Phil LaMarr (Metal Gear Solid 2) – Aquaman
Nolan North (Uncharted, Spec Ops: The Line)
Jennifer Hale (Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect)
Fred Tatasciore (Gears of War)

Even Stephen Amell (Arrow) joined the team, as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, though only available in an unlockable skin.  Sadly, Mark Hamill did not make a return as Joker for this title, but the voice behind the sinister prankster was still excellent.

My only complaints so far is the fact that the characters only have ONE cinematic that is performed every time you trigger the super move, much like in Mortal Kombat.  Each entrance and victory is the same, although the dialogue changes a bit if you pair up a couple of notable rivals like Green Arrow and Deathstroke, Superman and Lex or Joker and Batman.

Solomon Grundy & Wonder Woman

Other than that, the game actually offers more than just a “press start, button mash, win/lose, restart” formula.    There’s a handful of game types to choose from.  There’s of course Versus mode, where you and a local or online opponent can duke it out as your favorite hero or villain in a few notable locations like Arkham Asylum, ruined Metropolis or Wayne Manor.  Single player offers Story mode, Battles (allows you to choose the stipulations for your match including: Impossible which throws every single Injustice cast member at you and only one health bar, Countdown mode gives you a certain amount of time to defeat your opponent, and Help from above restores your health bar every thirty seconds), S.T.A.R. Labs sets the objectives for a match and the goal is to obtain 3 stars, Single Fight (essentially quick match) and lastly, a chance to practice your moves with any character in Training mode.

Without getting into too much detail, the story takes you into an alternate world where Superman has turned his back on mankind and has taken control with other League members to run the world as Gods.  Those from “our” world, or rather the world we know them from, go into this alternate-verse to stop Superman and those following his commands from controlling the human race and destroying the world.  It was as compelling as it could get in a fighting game, but it definitely made the DC universe likeable to someone like me, who knows very little about it.

Although very comparable to Netherrealm’s other big fighter, Mortal Kombat, Injustice definitely did the DC universe some…well, justice.  I would recommend the game to anyone, DC fan or not, who would like to play a solid fighting game.  Favorite characters of mine are definitely Nightwing and Catwoman, because of their quick fighting styles.  Other technical fighters like Batman and Aquaman are definitely high on my list as well. (Yes, I said Aquaman. On record: He’s totally badass in this game!)

Injustice was released April 16 on Xbox 360, PS3 and WiiU.

That’s my two cents on the matter, stay tuned for IC Chris’ review of the game, out later this upcoming week.

Game On! 😉

-IC Krys


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