Graphics…make the game?

On the IC facebook, I posed the question to you guys, the Players, about what truly makes the game. Crytek’s CEO claims the graphics make 60 percent of the experience.  A lot of you are answering with the gameplay should be carrying the bulk of a games proportions and I honestly agree.

After hearing “wow the graphics sucked on this game” or “I want that game but I think it looks like s[!!!]” so much, I got tired of how spoiled this generation has become with most of the new games. I lived for most of the beginnings of video gaming (no age comments o.O), I had 8-bit…hell, I played those dos text- based rpgs too and honestly, sometimes I miss them. They were great games for the time and were enjoyable and memorable…because they played well.

IMO, gameplay should always be at the top of the list of priorities when it is in creative mode

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to bash the new and improved engines as they amaze us every year with a new bit of technology that allows you to see every wrinkle and pore on the Mo-cappers face. Yes it may look amazing, but I implore the devs: please don’t skimp on the game (i.e. 4 hr campaign with bad controls x_x) and push: “1080p it looks great!” *unsure wince* on us and expect us to enjoy the fact that we just threw 60 plus dollars in the can.

Games nowadays come in all sorts of shapes and colors and sizes and honestly, Indie developers dont get enough credit. Sometimes we will see a simple, classic style turned-based rpg (lots of great games developed throigh rpg maker, etc) or gorgeous and freeflowing like the award-winning Journey (PS3) . The big guns like Crytek, Frostbite, Unreal have a lot of great innovation and have mindblowingly realistic games to show off like the upcoming Battlefield 4 or Metal Gear V… but no matter what, it will always be judged by the gamer. So why not give us what we want? A good game.

Minecraft is a huge example for me. Whether you like it or not, you must admit it is extremely successful having sold millions on XBL and before that on PC and is still growing with retail copies coming soon. Graphics are simple but great, a little reminiscent to be honest. The gameplay is, for the most part, straightforward; a game in which you can lose a lot of time just digging for diamonds, building cities with friends or just exploring solo. I can attest to this. 😉 People are enjoying it as well they should be. It is a game. Aesthetics are necessary sure because I understand visual appeal and the allure behind realism– but I say this again…it should always be about the gameplay.

Every now and again you do come across that perfect game, showing that a developer understands the correct formula. The game is constructed using a balance of its basic functions. Gameplay (story flow, cinematics), Graphics (atmosphere, setting, design), Sound (voices, ambiance, soundtrack), Control, (intuitive blend of movement-combat-etc.) But it is, unfortunately, kinda rare. Some come pretty close to it, though.

I personally count story in the  Gameplay category, but sometimes it stands out so much that it deserves mention on its own…but I’ll get to that on a later rant. Thanks for reading 😉

Game on guys.  
-IC Krys

(Screenshot of Crysis 3 on PC via


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