Welcome Back, Lara

She’s back!

I was already hooked to this game when I received the Game Informer with the new face of Lara Croft on the cover.  Over the past few weeks I have watched this gorgeous game unfold, from the interviews with Camilla Luddington, the inquiring mind of Zach Levi who takes us backstage, and the insight given to us by those at Crystal Dynamics… and I never lost interest.

Last night was the first time I put Tomb Raider in the system and let-er-rip.

The visuals are absolutely stunning.  I stand and watch the water sometimes. Don’t judge me. The music is entirely captivating.  My heart races whenever the music picks up, and simple yet eerie melodies haunt some of the best/chilling moments.  Lara looks great, the game is fantastic and in my opinion I’m happy that she is a little more realistic. NOW. Purists, don’t get it twisted.  I am a Tomb Raider fan, and was prior to this title.  Regardless of how I am a woman and don’t appreciate polygonal chests and unrealistic proportions, this Lara has substance and I’m only in the first part of the game.  It is called a reboot for a reason.

I look forward to finishing this game, and with the collectables and other to-dos along the island, I forsee a replay value on this title.


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