Skyrim .. oh Skyrim.

I’ve been trekking through Solstheim for days now trying to finish Dragonborn to do my review but there seems to be something slowing me down (not just IRL stuff) but in game as well. I even gave my copy of Skyrim a break for a while for other games like Minecraft and Black Ops 2 but I thought upon my return I would find myself fully submersed in the glory of the time-sucker that is Skyrim.  Nope.

Perhaps I have fallen into something sort of like a writers block for gaming? Maybe I’m tapped out of energy for this vast game?

My time spent in Apocrypha was actually fairly interesting; the complete change in scenery, the intense and gruesome monsters that lie in waiting,the journey into the realm of Herma-Mora the demon was simply: creepy and very intriguing. I kind of wish it was a lot longer as it isn’t every day you get to see the realm of a Daedric prince.

I suppose it can become a little discouraging to play when I get overencumbered every ten minutes because I made the mistake of taking a lot of stuff overseas when I decided to hop into this questline.

Well I should try again tomorrow.
Until then.