The Turning Series

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All the King's Men

After the events of the Turning, the city of Augusta worked hard to coexist with the evolution of the Powered race. Enhanced speed, psychic abilities, super strength and more began to manifest among its citizens, and after being required to sign a Registry, the dust settled and the city carried on.

Alton King, a man with power and prestige, foresees another future for his city.

Danika Carlisle, given the powers of ‘The Gale’, was happily maintaining a low-profile life in the city... until she was tasked to rescue a man who was viciously attacked by another Powered. His name: Charlie Matthews, a well-to-do young man with powers of his own, a promising future, and a past that's cloaked in mystery.

Joined by the Alliance, a faction who vowed to keep the city safe, Danika unravels the mystery surrounding Charlie, connecting the dots that tie him to the King...